32 Political Parties Reject Gov. Dickson's Choice Of BYSIEC Chairman

Thirty-Two ideological groups in Bayelsa State have taken steps to blacklist board survey following the dubious that encompass the arrangement of another Chairman of the State Independent Electoral Commission (BYSIEC).

They dismissed the Mr. Ball Oyarede, who until his arrangement was a card-conveying individual from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and an individual from the state's House of Assembly.

The oppressed ideological groups, under the aegis of the Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) and the Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP), the dismissal depended on the way that an umpire of BYSIEC, which should be an autonomous body to direct free and reasonable races into the nearby government zones in the state, has been disintegrated and subsequently not adequate by the resistance groups in Bayelsa State.

The resistance groups, in a dispatch issued yesterday after a crisis meeting and marked by the Chairman of IPAC, Eneyi Zidougha and Chairman of the CNPP, Golden Agagowei, proclaimed: "It is our conviction that the legislative head of Bayelsa State who is a legal advisor and previous official of equity in the express, a previous parliamentarian and senator should know better, this is against the Electoral Act of 2010 as altered."

"On the off chance that the administrations choose to proceed with the arrangement of Hon. Ball Oyarede as BYSIEC Chairman, as pioneers of the different resistance groups in Bayelsa State, we have no alternative yet to blacklist the whole procedure of the neighborhood government decisions."

"We, hence, prompt the legislature on the above premises to search for a progressively proficient hand, ideally from the scholarly world to be designated to head BYSIEC with earnestness in other to meet with the planned time table for the neighborhood chamber decisions."

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