5 Best jobs for single parents in Canada
Single parents in Canada

There are jobs for single parents because there are always jobs not just for single parents but for everyone who wishes to work in Canada. The problem comes from knowing the best jobs to do as a single parent, balancing your work, and giving your child the best parental care needed; for your kid’s mental and physical growth.

It’s best for both parents to handle their family; at least responsibilities are shared among them. Still, when one party is faced with the responsibility of working and taking care of the children’s needs, he/she must adjust. In Canada, when a parent is found unfit to take care of a child, the child will be taken away from the parent and taken to a foster home; most parents will not be happy seeing their child raised by another person.

In this article, we’ll show you the best jobs for single parents in Canada that will give you a chance to balance your career and personal life, enabling you to have a full focus on your job and your responsibility at home.

5 Best jobs for single parents in Canada

5 Best jobs for single parents in Canada
teacher in Canada


As a single parent in Canada, teaching is the best job you can undertake to give you a full chance to take care of your home and have reasonable time to focus on your career. As a teacher, you’re a model, a person everyone is looking up to learn. The way you live and the behavior of your children matters a lot. This job gives you time because teachers don’t work over six hours in a day and have the weekend to themselves because they operate on business days. The salary of a teacher in Canada varies between $45,000 to $60,000 per year. However, the salary depends on your level of experience and your tenure.


This job is usually based on self-employment; single parents in this field have the chance for their family and at the same time focus on their career. The work is flexible, and the salary is $12 to $18 per hour.


As an entrepreneur, you manage your time to best suit your plans; since you own the business. It depends on the nature of the business undertaken, and your income depends on how big the business is.

Event planner:

This kind of job is perfect for a single parent because you can work from home and don’t need an office, though it’s necessary to get one. Event planners are paid $20 to $30 per hour.


This job is best for single mothers; it gives you time to take care of your own home and a reasonable salary rate. The salary ranges from $25 to $27 per hour.

Single parents can undertake many other jobs and still have the chance for their kids at home and have good pay to take home.