Well-Paying Jobs For A Single Mom In Canada-So, you’re a mom, and you’re stuck with looking after your kids or kid all on your own as a single mom? One of many significant challenges you will face is balancing your career or work with taking care of your kids, which will be the number one duty of parents. There are numerous jobs for a single mom in Canada.

In certain countries, if you’re found unfit to take care of your child in one way or another or put your child in danger, whether intentional or not, your child is likely to be taken away from you and sent to a foster home.

One way to lose credibility as a parent is to balance your career and personal life. So listed here are some jobs you should look at as a parent or single mom and earn enough cash to take care of your children while managing your own time.

5 Best Well-Paying Jobs For A Single Mom In Canada

1. Registered Massage Therapist

Many women generally have that healing vibe, so it is not surprising that lots of are drawn into this field. The wages each hour ranges from $20- $30.

2. Entrepreneur

Owning your own business enables you to be your own boss; therefore, you can manage your time how you want it. The hourly wages range from $30 – $50 might be just about depending on the business.

3. Teaching

This is one of the most less-time consuming jobs in Canada, lets you have quality time with your kid because you automatically use the same time as your kids. When they’re in school, you may also be in school and be back simultaneously once they dismiss. Even though they do not attend the school, you teach at. The wages each hour ranges from $15 – $20.

4. Nanny

This job can also be a choice for you if you’re looking for a good-paying job while earning good money too. The wages each hour ranges from $20- $27.

5. Graphic Designer

The Graphic design job is one of many lucrative occupations in Canada. It doesn’t only enable you to work at your own time, but you also get to earn good money. The wages each hour ranges from $30 – $50, depending on the business.