5 essential documents international students should acquire

There are many essential documents an international student will provide before moving to Canada, but among many; there are five essential documents international students should acquire.

Most international students prefer going to Canada to study because of the benefits given to students after graduation; to work in Canada for a couple of years according to the number of years their studies covered. These are the benefits students enjoy studying in Canada, but before you can move to Canada to study, students should acquire some essential documents.

An international student studying in Canada is entitled to work in Canada; he will work for a period that covers the number of years he spent studying in Canada. Lately, the Canadian government gave an update concerning international students. Click on the link to read more on the update.

Note: To enjoy this post-graduate work permit, the study program must last for at least one year. If any study program is below one year, the student cannot enjoy this benefit, which the government has given to international students studying in Canada.

5 essential documents international students should acquire

  1. Letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution: This is a letter every student must obtain before applying; making a student eligible for a student visa is the letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution in Canada. The school must have the Canadian Federal government’s permission to accept students from all over the world into the country.
  2. A study permit: This document authorizes an international student to come to Canada and study in any designated learning institution. To qualify for a study permit, one must present a letter of acceptance, proof of fund, proof of identity.
  3. Proof of identity: Any student who wishes to study in Canada must provide a valid certificate of identity, if possible, from their home county’s government. This is necessary for easy identification of students and their home country.
  4. Proof of fund: For you to be issued a student permit, you need to show that you have the money to sponsor your education in Canada, either by showing your sponsor or your means of income.
  5. Health insurance: As an international student, you need to provide a health coverage document covered for at least one year. Most schools usually add it to student’s school fees.