5 reasons to study in Canada
5 reasons to study in Canada

Canada is a country where most international students want to study because of how the government has positioned the economy and its sector, especially the educational sector. The number of students coming into Canada to study has increased over the years; this is because the education system is very conducive for students to learn, and the work permit is given to students after graduation.

Some of the Canadian universities have been listed among the best universities in the world, the Canadian government has also provided a promising avenue for students to carry out academic activities, and the educational system also gave students enough time outside the standard school time; to work, do research and engage in different activities that interest them.

5 reasons to study in Canada
Canadian Students

In Canada, students spent three hours on academics activities; two hours from the three hours are used for lecture, while the remaining one hour is used for a tutorial class where a lecture assistant will come and teach more on the day’s topic. Students in Canada take five courses per semester and one lecture a day for the five days in the week.

5 reasons to study in Canada

  1. Quality Education: Most students want to study in Canada because of the nature of the country’s educational system. The universities are organized to have world standards, the teachers and lecturers are trained to bring diversified perspectives in the classrooms. Some of the Canadian universities have been enlisted among the world’s best universities, showing Canada’s quality of education.
  2. Affordable: The cost of education in Canada is relatively low, students can provide the tuition and other fees related to school, the government has made it easy for an international student to be able to afford everything they need for their education; unlike some other countries where education is expensive for students to afford.
  3. Security and Safety: The Canadian government has provided security to ensure international students who came to the country study. It’s not easy for students to leave their home country to study abroad, leaving their family and relatives behind. This is the fear of most parents, to know if their children will be safe in the country where they will study.
  4. Canada is safe for students to come and study, that’s why most people prefer to go there for studies.
  5. Work and Study: This is the most interesting part of working in Canada; the students are given a chance to work, regardless of their country or color. Students make out time to work while schooling in Canada. Students find it difficult when it comes to payment of tuition, accommodation Etc. That’s why the Canadian government has permitted students who are willing to while in school.
  6. Work Permit: One benefit students get after schooling in Canada is a work permit given to international students after graduation. After graduation, international students are allowed to work for some time; the time is given based on the number of years your educational program covered. For instance, if your course covers three years, you’ll be allowed to work for another three years in Canada before traveling back to your country.

This is a period most students use to secure employment and renew their visas; it makes it easier for them to return to Canada and obtain permanent residence.