Can one secure a job in Canada before immigrating ?

To get a job in Canada from your resident country before immigrating is quite complicated, depending on how focused you are on finding the job. It’s not that easy due to many scam agents flaunting around on social media, claiming to be securing employment for people before they get to their destination country, making them believe there is a job waiting for them out there.

Well, there is a job waiting for you out there in Canada, but if you’re talking of getting it before immigrating, yes, you can, though as earlier said, it depends on you.

There are many jobs for immigrants going to Canada permanently or temporarily because the government creates job opportunities for immigrants.

Most people like to secure a good-paying job in Canada before they move to the country, to avoid getting stranded on their arrival to the country, it’s a good thing to set out your plans since it’s a place you may not have visited before; people most time judge from their perspective following the situation in their home country. It’s not easy fighting numerous fears simultaneously, especially when it has to do with money and life.

Yes, you can get a job from your country before immigrating to Canada; all you need is little everyday things that people neglect—hoping that people (Agents) will get those things done for them.

7 Ways one secure a job in Canada before immigrating

Things you can do to secure an excellent job for yourself before leaving your country for Canada:

7 Ways one secure a job in Canada before immigrating
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These things are what your agents will do for you when you pay them; that’s only for the sincere ones, though, who will take their time to get a job for you. Though sometimes, it’s good to go through the agent since they’ve been into the business for a reasonable time, and they’ve got the contact need to secure a good-paying job for you.

1. Have a skill outside of your educational certificate;

Learning a skill is one thing that guarantees you a good job when you get to Canada; it’s often regarded as unskilled labor, but it will have a long way to help you gain a job in Canada before and after you’ve arrived in the country. Most times, going out there to get skilled labor is not easy; with your skill, one can quickly fix you up in a factory where you can work and make money while using your educational certificate to acquire a better job.

2. Prepare your Curriculum Vitae (CV);

Prepare a good CV that contains all your work experiences, years you’ve been in the field, and firms you’ve worked within the past; this will make organizations want to employ you; even if they’ve seen the ability in your CV and when you’ve not physically met with them. A good CV will tell good things about you since you’re there to defend yourself or tell them how good you are in your field; these will give you an edge before you get to the actual interview.

3. Believe in yourself:

Self-confidence has a vital role to play in job hunting; it makes you trade where others dread the most; making you believe you will get the job, and it will show in the way you write your application and CV. when you don’t believe in yourself, that you can work in a country that is not yours; how then do you think someone who has never seen you will believe in you? Be bold in your presentations to obtain what you seek.

4. Be selective:

You should set out the kind of job you want to do in Canada, not saying, “I can do anything.” It shows you’re not sure of what you desire; organizations can fix you up where they feel they’ll need you, but first specific on what you’re applying. It shows you’re experienced in the field and can handle anything about the department.

5. Monitor Companies in Canada:

It’s best if you took your time to monitor the activities of the companies you wish to work with, know the way they operate, and learn everything about them. It will make you know when there is a vacancy before people get to know about it, though being the first to apply is not an assurance that the job is yours; it gives you a bigger chance more than your fellow applicants.

6. Have a strong referee:

It’s good to have several people who can attest to the details you’ve provided in your CV, either organizations or individuals who have had a personal relationship with, as regards your work. When you have many prominent people or organizations backing you up, it will make the organization pay attention to your application.

7. Get accredited:

When your profession requires accreditation, ensure you get it before applying for jobs in Canada, they always take their time to check for it. Works that will need an accreditation letter include the following;

  • Nursing
  • Teaching
  • Physiotherapy 

Many other jobs will need accreditation letters outside the mentioned ones; take your time to check for them and know if the work you seek will need an accreditation letter.

When you have the necessary credentials and do the needful, you can get a job in Canada before immigrating. Ream more on some other of our publications to learn how to apply for jobs online from your country before you get to Canada; it’s good you know how t do things if you must secure your desired job before leaving your home country to Canada.