AAC Drags Expelled Secretary, Leonard Ezenwa, Others Who Staged Sowore's 'Suspension' To Court

The African Action Congress, AAC, has hauled its previous national secretary, Leonard Ezenwa and other people who partook in a broadly broadcast suspension of ace tem gathering Chairman, Omoyele Sowore to court.

Leonard Ezenwa in the organization of one Mazi Okwy had on May 13, 2019, reported the suspension of Omoyele Sowore; and eight others, including its Deputy National Chairman (South West), Ogunlana Rotimi Jacob, for a time of a half year over supposed enemy of gathering exercises.

Not long after, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) disposed of the suspension and kept up that the main administrator it perceives is Omoyele Sowore.

Be that as it may, the gathering on Friday hauled the members in the occasion to court as passed on in an announcement by Rachel Onamusi-Kpiasi, executive advertising, and media for the gathering.

The announcement peruses: "Today, 28th May 2019, the African Action Congress (AAC) made its first lawful strides towards a convincing end to the voracious, getting a handle on ranges of the ousted previous national secretary, Leonard Nzenwa and his accomplices.

"Our legal counselors have moved toward the courts to immovably and intensely preclude all from securing Nzenwa's untruths, cases, and allegations, and will present proof demonstrating unquestionably the character – or deficiency in that department – of the man and his adherents, and we will have our day in court as the case has been suspended to the 24th June 2019.

"Prior to that time, there are a few realities that must be made known; some lawful actualities that Nzenwa, with the majority of his recently gained companions and their unscrupulous riches, can't make scatter with:

There is no court order naming Leonard Nzenwa as the "Acting Chairman" of the African Action Congress. He looked for the situation from the court in a similar suit where he mentioned to have Sowore suspended as director and it was never allowed.

"To all expectations and purposes, Leonard Nzenwa remains precisely what he generally was: an untouchable without the help, the control or the capacity to run a gathering driven by Omoyele Sowore's thoughts and vision for Nigeria.

"Today, the African Action Congress earned a triumph in court; a triumph that is certain to disable their arrangements to benefit off the diligent work, sweat and attempts of the TiB/AAC authority in the course of recent months, Nzenwa's legal advisor has been compelled to make an endeavor under the watchful eye of the court that his arranged national show on the fifth of June won't hold since it is counter-intuitive and in reality unlawful to do as such while the case he quickly brought under the steady gaze of the courts is as yet pending.

"The originators and pioneers of both the Take it Back Movement and the AAC gathering are adroit understudies of history and legislative issues, both inside and outside Nigeria, and, when they considered and birthed both the TiB and AAC, they did as such with prescience, setting up the fundamental structures and guardrails to guarantee that the person on foot political middlemen who will perpetually be implanted in our middle don't have the control, the instrumentalities, nor the abilities to complete the detestable, ruinous missions.

"The Take it Back Movement is steadfast in its campaign for Nigeria's freedom and advancement. An indispensable piece of this objective is opportunity from the binds that predicament us to misbehavior and express disheartening. We keep on battling defilement wherever we discover it. The battle proceeds since Nigeria MUST advancement."

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