Apply for post-graduate work permit

To apply for a post-graduate work permit, you need to know what qualifies an individual for the application; and understand what the post-graduate work is about. This article will tell you how to apply for a post-graduate work permit and what qualifies you for the program, including the necessary documents.

To develop the economy, the Canadian government has granted international students that completed their studies in Canada the opportunity to live and work in any place of their choice in Canada. This will help the government develop the country’s economy and provide students with Canadian work experience needed for application for permanent residence.

To qualify for the post-graduate work permit, a student must complete at least a one-year course program in Canada; that’s why most international students preferred to move to Canada as a student other than taking online lecture programs.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Canadian government has allowed online students to participate in the post-graduate work program.

Note: Only students who applied to a Canadian designated learning institution (DLI) can participate in this program.

Apply for post-graduate work permit

Documents required for a post-graduate work permit

  • A letter from your school that shows you graduated successfully and your program lasted over one year.
  • A transcript from the school where you graduated.
  • Medical test result.
  • Your card to pay required fees

Once you have these documents in place, you’re eligible to apply for a Canadian post-graduate work permit.

How to apply for a post-graduate work permit

  1. Get your online application form from the IRCC official website
  2. Fill the form and attach your passport photograph
  3. Submit the form along with other required documents
  4. Pay the application fees
  5. Visit your IRCC profile to keep track of your application.

If all your documents are complete and your form is filled correctly, you will get the post-graduate work permit; all you need to do is track your application from your IRCC online profile.