Ara Thunder’s Bojuboju hits the airwaves

Scarcely a year after she excited French President, Emmanuel Macron during the last's legitimate visit yo Nigeria, the administration of Atunda Entertainment has formally discharged Ara Thunder's introduction single entitled Bojuboju, which dropped Friday, June 7.

As per an announcement from the stage: "We are happy to educate Nigerians and darlings regarding great music that our sign-on, Ara Thunder discharged a punishing shiny new single on Friday, June 7. Admirers of good music should watch out! Keep in mind that last year she captivated the meeting French President, Emmanuel Macron, who was facilitated by Lagos State Government. She not just trained Macron to play the talking drum yet in addition gave him one."

Talking on the focal point of the outfit, the administration unveiled that the association is neither a record name nor artiste the executives outfit. The announcement proceeded: "Atunda Entertainment is a piece of the enactment of Motherland Beckons, established by the President of La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Otunba Wanle Akinboboye. Its center is creating and advancing various parts of the landmass through its Continent Building task dedicated to drawing in African both and home and in the Diaspora to the country."

Among others it has built up a monetary outline known as Diaspora Nigeria Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (DNERGP), which manages Africans in the Diaspora to put resources into Africa and possess organizations close by its Hope, Unity, Rebirth and Prosperity (HURP) program.

Additionally, as a major aspect of this formative procedure, African global Music (AIM) Festival was presented by Motherland Beckons around three years back to give a stage to its artistes and different artistes in the innovative business to show their gifts, along these lines drawing in enthusiasm from the general population and corporate outfits in assisting their development.

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