Become a licensed security guard in Canada
security guard in Canada

Become a licensed security guard in Canada, Immigrants are expected to take some steps and procedures; the steps are easy, and becoming a licensed security guard in Canada may be easier than expected.

Due to Canada’s fast increasing population, the need for more security guards is increasing; because the lives and properties of the citizens and immigrants need to be protected. Every security guard in Canada must keep to the rules and code of conduct of the Private Security and Investigative Service Act of 2005; these rules include carrying of your license while on duty; and if any guard should disobey these rules, he’s sentenced to one-year imprisonment and a fine of about C$25,000.

Become a licensed security guard in Canada

Become a licensed security guard in Canada
Security guard

To become a licensed security guard in Canada, people who wish to become security guards in Canada must do the following;

  1. Ensure to meet all requirements
  2. Applicants must be 18years and above.
  3. Have no criminal record
  4. Have a permanent residence permit
  5. Have a valid work visa
  6. Eligible to work in Canada

Complete the mandatory basic training

  1. Applicant must complete their security guard training courses.
  2. A government-approved security agency must train applicants.
  3. Duration for training is 40 hours and certification in first aid.
  4. Must obtain the Emergency Level First Aid and Level A CPR.
  5. The recommended level is Standard First Aid and Level C CPR.
  6. Obtain your training completion number

You must get your training completion number; this number is given at the end of your security training.

  1. Fill the guarantor’s form.
  2. The guarantor must be someone who has known you for at least two years and has an active phone line that they can call for verification of Candidate information,
  3. But in a situation where you don’t have a guarantor that knows you for at least two years, here are some other people who can serve as your guarantor;
  1. Your employer
  2. An officer from a licensed Security Guard or Private
  3. Investigator Agency
  4. Judge
  5. Police officer
  6. Professional accountant
  7. Professional engineer
  8. Professor or administrator at a public college/ university
  9. Justice of the peace
  10. Pharmacist
  11. Lawyer
  12. Mayor
  13. Physician
  14. A cleric

Apply for a security guard examination

  1. Applicants must pay a fee of $75.15.
  2. English and French are the main test languages.
  3. Tests are given based on your security guard training.
  4. Test results are ready within two days from the day of the test.
  5. Your training number is needed when applying for its examination.

Apply For Security Guard License

After meeting the requirements as mentioned above, you should apply for your security guard license; when applying, the following documents are required;

Passport photographs

Training completion number

Valid identification documents

Completed guarantor form

Download the security guard form, if you wish to apply online.

Apply for a security job

Once these procedures are completed, candidates can now apply for a security job in Canada.

Remember, the security guard license should always be carried whenever you’re on duty.