The best universities in Canada offer quality education and give you an edge over other graduates in the labor market.

Do you want to study in Canada so that afterward you can reside in the country to work and live as a permanent resident; you need to apply for the best universities in Canada to assure you an excellent job after graduation.

Generally, international students are allowed to work temporarily in Canada after their studies; the experience gotten during the post-graduate work will be used by the international student when applying for a permanent residence permit; which will give the edge to the candidate over other candidates or the candidate can apply for permanent residence using the Canadian Experience Class(CEC).

After your studies in Canada, and you decide to use Express Entry. As you know the Express Entry uses a score-based system in ranking applicants’ profiles, in which they’ll nominate the applicants based on their rank given. International students using this pathway have more advantage than other candidates because they’ve acquired Canadian work experience, they’ve also learned to format their resume in the Canadian style, which will help them get a job faster, the fact that they’ve obtained a certificate not just from a Canadian university but one of the best universities in Canada.

Working as a student in Canada will provide you with Canadian work experience but will not make you eligible for some Canadian entering pathways; that’s why they’ve introduced the Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP).

The Post-Graduate Work Permit is a program designed to enable international students who graduated from a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada to work in the country for a period equal to their study program covered.

What makes you eligible for this PGWP;

  • You must study in a Designated Learning Institution in Canada
  • Your study program must cover a minimum of one year
  • Your study program must be a full-time program
  • You must have a valid work permit

After your graduate, you have to apply for this program 180 days from your graduation; the application usually takes 90 days to be processed.

Best universities in Canada

Best universities in Canada
Canadian students

When you study in one of the best schools in Canada, you stand a higher chance of getting a job, not just in Canada but also anywhere in the world, as some of the best schools in Canada have been enlisted among the best schools in the world. Studying in any of the schools below means you’re studying in the best university in the world, and your certificate will be recognized anywhere in the world. Apart from some of these schools being among the best in the world, Canada is known for quality education globally; that’s why it’s the top destination for international students looking to get quality education and the best universities in the world.

UniversityTop-ranked CoursesCity
1. University of TorontoApplied Science and Engineering Arts and Science Architecture and Design Medical and dentistry Veterinary Science Nursing Pharmaceutical ScienceToronto (Ontario)
2. McGill UniversityMedicine and dentistry Veterinary Science Nursing Pharmaceutical Science Medical and Biological ChemistryMontreal (Quebec)
3. University of British ColumbiaMedical and Biological Chemistry Communication and Media Studies Medical and Biological ChemistryVancouver (British Columbia)
4. University of AlbertaMedicine and dentistry Veterinary Science Nursing Pharmaceutical Science Business management Economics Accounting and FinanceEdmonton (Alberta)
5. University of MontrealMedicine and dentistry Veterinary Science Nursing Pharmaceutical Science Computer ScienceMontreal (Quebec)
6. McMaster UniversityMedicine and dentistry Veterinary Science Nursing Pharmaceutical ScienceHamilton (Ontario)
7. University of WaterlooEngineering Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering Chemical EngineeringWaterloo (Ontario)
8. Ryerson UniversityMasters of Science in Data Science and Analytics Masters of Science (Computer Science)Toronto (Ontario)
9. York UniversityCommunications in Media Arts and Humanities Design and Law Social SciencesToronto (Ontario)
10. Trent UniversityApplied Science and Engineering Arts and Science Architecture and DesignPeterborough (Ontario)