Buhari: Why I Did Not Change My Ministers

President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday uncovered that the nature of his priests caused him to hold them for his first term.

He made this known amid a valedictory session of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) held at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

The president noticed that he chose to keep his bureau flawless regardless of weights from certain quarters.

Buhari portrayed the bureau individuals as "an impression of the Nigeria we try to accomplish.''

He said "You will review that when we began this adventure, our nation was confronting various difficulties.

"We acquired a wrecked economy which in the end went into retreat in the second quarter of Fiscal Year 2016. The circumstance was additionally intensified by frailty and monstrous defilement.

"Many would have surrendered. For sure, numerous outside observers said our circumstance was well near miserable. In any case, we as a whole met up and pushed forward to convey our battle guarantee to protect our nation from its parlous state.

"Despite the fact that we as a whole had a typical vision, we every now and again had warmed discussions in this room on the most ideal approach to accomplish our objectives. These contrasting perspectives are what settled on the choices we took even more balanced.

"It is this quality that caused me to hold my bureau for the full term. Every one of you in this room has a novel aptitude and quality.

"We are an impression of Nigeria we seek to accomplish – An assorted yet tolerant country where nobody is hushed and where each supposition ought to be heard and considered.''

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