Can one leave a province after getting my permanent residence permit
Canadian Citizens

Can one leave a province after getting a permanent residence permit? Well, the answer to this question is YES, but there are conditions to that.

Obtain a permanent residence permit or become a citizen is very difficult because an immigrant is compelled to live and work in Canada for a couple of years before obtaining their citizenship card or PR permit. Not particular law is restricting a citizen or a permanent resident from relocating to other provinces of Canada; since they both enjoy the same privilege aside that permanent residents don’t have the right to vote and be voted for.

To receive a nomination for a PR permit or citizenship, the immigrant will be required to state why he wants to retain the province; this will enable his application to be processed and granted. The province will only grant your application if your reason is good enough, and they see the benefit of your skill in developing the province and Canada at large.

Note: Your application will be submitted to the province where you reside, and anything that show your interest to depart from the province after you must have obtained your permanent residence permit; may cause denial to your application.

Your application will be granted based on the reason you gave for wanting to become a permanent resident in the region; it will be inappropriate to leave the province immediately after obtaining your PR permit. Most provinces may expect a permanent resident to reside in the region where they were nominated, for at least two years; before making plans of relocating to other provinces. Mind you, no law binds any permanent resident to stay in any region; since they have equal rights with Canadian citizens. But it will be good if you stay for at least two years in the region before relating to other better provinces in Canada.

Can one leave a province after getting my permanent residence permit
Permanent residents

How to apply for a permanent residence

  • Know if you’re eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit
  • Gather your document
  • Go to IRCC official website and chose how to apply (on paper or online)
  • If Online, submit your application with the required documents
  • If on paper, mail your application and other documents (email address: [email protected])
  • Track your application from your profile.