Canadian Experience Class
Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class is a part of Canada’s Express Entry Immigration programs; these programs allow immigrants from different parts of the world to come into Canada to work, school, or run businesses to create employment in the country. Immigrants come there to work on a temporary residence permit, but some will become permanent residents or even citizens in the country.

The Canada Experience Class program allows immigrants who have stayed and worked in Canada for at least one year to immigrate permanently into the country. The government has recognized the importance of immigrants with skills in the country and wants them to reside permanently; because of the services they render and how vital their services are to the economy.

Advantages of the Canadian Experience Class

  • Applicants have obtained at least one year of work experience in Canada, which is essential for CRS ranking. They will use to determine if the candidate will qualify for nomination to apply.
  • Candidates’ applications are processed within three to four months, which is faster than the processing time for applicants that are not using the Canadian Experience Class.
  • Applicants are not compelled to provide proof of settlement fund.
Canadian Experience Class
Canadian Experience Class

Criteria That Qualifies You To Apply For The Canadian Experience Class

All applicants must meet the following requirements before applying for this program; the conditions are;

  1. At least one year of full-time or part-time equivalent work experience in Canada
  2. Meet the language level required for employment (English and French)
  3. Applicants must not intend to reside in Quebec.
  4. Applicants must apply for this program with three years of acquiring the experience.

Note: Work experience obtained from self-employment and work experience gotten while still a full-time student does not qualify a candidate for this program.

How to apply for the Canadian Experience Class

  1. Get a Canadian work permit
  2. Have a one-year working experience in Canada
  3. Meet other requirements ( Language tests)
  4. Create an Express Entry profile
  5. Have a high CRS score (To improve your profile)
  6. Receive an invitation to apply
  7. Upload your medical and security check documents
  8. Submit your application
  9. Receive confirmation of permanent resident status
  10. Get your permanent residence Card