Citizens have the right to search the Police officer before he searches you -NPF

The Nigeria Police Force says Nigerians reserve the option to look through its men in select conditions.

The Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, said this in an announcement on Monday title0d, '(Part 2) Tips For Safe And Cordial Conduct During An Arrest.' The Police said if an officer is going to look through a resident or a property, that native has the privilege to initially look through the policeman so as to guarantee that no proof is planted.

As per the NPF, Nigerians likewise reserve the privilege to request to know the explanation behind their capture at whatever point a capture is going to be made.The Force representative further expressed that in certain occurrences, Nigerians reserve the option to request that a capture warrant is displayed previously enabling themselves to be caught.

The announcement peruses to a limited extent, "You may obligingly demand that the officer be sought before looking you. As a rule, this mollifies fears that somebody might attempt plant implicating things on you or involve you in some other manner. "Request to see the warrant of capture where fundamental (note, in any case, that not all welcome/capture requires a warrant). In actuality, under our laws, the Police have wide powers to capture without warrant by and large.

"Obligingly demand that the officers permit you educate a confided in companion or a relative or an attorney not long after your capture so as to maintain a strategic distance from pointless dread as to your whereabouts or security. "On the off chance that the capture requires the officer to lead a hunt on you, request to see the Search Warrant and agree to all authentic guidance amid the inquiry (note that there are a great deal of examples where a policeman can look you with or without warrant)." The Force approached Nigerians never to oppose capture, regardless of whether it appears to be unjustified.

It additionally guided Nigerians to never meddle in the capture of an outsider.

As per the announcement, the Police may request that one play out certain tests, for example, strolling in a straight line if an individual is pulled over on doubt of being tanked or high on medications.

A Nigerian additionally has the privilege to decay composing an announcement upon capture

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