Cost of living in Canada
living in Canada

The cost of living in Canada is relatively low, while the standard of living is very high.

Canada is a country with over 37.59 million people (at 2019); it has a good economy which makes it the top destination for immigrants worldwide.

Canada has many beautiful places, and the government has worked too hard to create job opportunities for both immigrants and its citizens. To develop the economy more, the government never stops allowing people into the country, so long you have the required skills, ability, and willingness to work.

In the article, we’ll show you the cost of living in Canada, which is almost the best for any immigrant who wants to travel out of his home country to work. Like in most countries, the cost of living is higher than the standard of living, which is bad because residents of such a country will work very hard but will hardly satisfy their pressing needs.

Cost of living in Canada

Cost of living in Canada
Cost of living in Canada

Like I earlier said, the cost of living in Canada is low while the standard of living is high; I will show you how and why I said it.

  • 1 CAD= 0.80 USD
  • 1 CAD= 5.19 Chinese Yuan
  • 1 CAD= 0.67 Euro
  • 1 CAD= 86.93 Japanese Yen
  • 1 CAD= 0.24 Kuwaiti Dinar
  • 1 CAD= 303.66 Nigerian Naira
  • 1 CAD= 2.93 UAE Dirham

This is the exchange rate of Canadian Dollar at the time of this article.

Minimum wage

Canada has a minimum wage of 11.06 CAD per hour, this is not applicable in all tht province of Canada. Here are some of the minimum wage for some of the Canadian province;

  • Alberta $15.00
  • British Columbia $14.60
  • Manitoba $11.90
  • New Brunswick $11.70
  • Newfoundland & Labrador $12.15
  • Northwest Territories $13.46
  • Nova Scotia $12.55
  • Nunavut $16.00
  • Ontario $14.25
  • Prince Edward Island $12.85
  • Quebec $13.10
  • Saskatchewan $11.45
  • Yukon $13.71

This minimum wage has a potentiality of increasing from 11.06 CAD to 15. 00 CAD in 2021


Average Salary for Toronto

Financial Analyst: 52,067
Copywriter: C$35,130
Graphic designer: C$37,966
Product Manager: C$69,402
Receptionist: C$23,763
Teacher: C$40,439
Web Developer: C$43,663

Average Salary For Montreal

Financial Analyst: C$42,722
Copywriter: C$33,534
Graphic Designer: C$33,831
Product Manager: C$59,398
Receptionist: C$22,486
Teacher: C$37,889
Web Developer: C$42,015

Average rent
Average Rents in Toronto

Studio $1389
1 Bedroom $1649
2 Bedrooms$2045
3 Bedrooms$2380

Average Rents in Ottawa

Studio $1212
1 Bedroom $1513
2 Bedrooms $1929
3 Bedrooms $1869

Average Rents in Calgary

Studio $988
1 Bedroom $1233
2 Bedrooms $1390
3 Bedrooms $1466

Average Rents in Montreal

Studio $1124
1 Bedroom$1313
2 Bedroom s$1834
3 Bedrooms $2371

Average Rents in Edmonton

Studio $980
1 Bedroom $1074
2 Bedrooms $1244
3 Bedrooms $1334

Transportation cost

Monthly Bus/Transport Pass: C$95
Bus Ticket Single Use: C$3.15
Taxi 1KM: C$1.85
Taxi 1hr: C$33.00

The transportation cost in public transits are cheap compared to renting a car.