COVID-19: PDP says Buhari’s incompetence, backseat governance is destroying Nigeria

Rumors has it that the People's Democratic Party(PDP) has accused the president Muhammadu Buhari for destroying Nigeria with his ‘incompetence’ and ‘backseat’ style of governance.

And this was made known by Kola Ologbondiyan: National Publicity Secretary on sunday being 10th of may 2020.

In one of his statement, he said : “the manifest incompetence of the Buhari Presidency as well as President Muhammadu Buhari’s lack of visibility and failure to personally lead from the front are responsible for the failure to check the spread of COVID-19 in our country.”



He went further to say, had it been we had a good leader the increase in infection and mortality rate in Nigeria would have been curtailed, and also a quick response to the pandemioc.

It noted that the greedy and corrupt All Progressive Congress(APC) leaders has worsened the situation by crashing in on President's inablity of providing the resource meant to fight aganist COVID-19 pandemic in the Country.

The party (PDP) has also said that since the outbreak of the pandemic in Nigeria, the president has only addressed the nation thrice (each time, after much prodding), leading to lack of effective coordination of the fight against the pandemic.

Since his Last Broadcast the president has gone into the safety of  the Aso Presidential Villa, leaving his inept aides to continue to issue disjointed claims and uncoordinated directives,” the party said.

THerefore, it was made Nigeria to note that with the president's invisibility and his lead from the front has lead to the failure of developing a strong all-inclusive and seamless national response against the pandemic; leading to diverse responses by various states and a consequent spike in spread and mortality rates.

"President Buharihad badly failed to spur and lead a strong teamwork of federal, state governments and the organized private sector for a proactive response that would have checked the spread of the pandemic in our country,” it added. 

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