COVID-19: Why more Nigerians are dying

Nigeria government on friday explained the likely cause of rising cases of reported deaths since COVID-19 started increasing in the country.

Dr Osagie Ehanire,the Minister of Health,who gave the explanation, said the cause for the deaths could be because many people no longer go to hospitals or health workers refusing to attend to patients due to the fear of coronavirus.

According to Dr Osagie Ehanire, the increasing cases of deaths might not be as a result of terrible virus, but the fear of it which is stopping people from going to hospitals and some healths workers from attending to those who came.

The Minister of Healths spoke during the daily briefing by the presidential Task Force on COVID-19.

Dr Osagie Ehanire, said that"We do worry that some deaths may have happened not directly in connection with the coronavirus" but due to "a person couldn't go to get help in a hospital because of the fear of coronavirus or doctors refusing to attend to such persons."

The Minister went further to reveal that the latest statistic from the National Health Management Information System [NHMIS] shows that Out-Patient visit dropped from 4 million to about 2 million, Antenatal visit from 1.3 million to 655 thousand, Skilled Birth attendance from 158,374 to less than 99,000, while immunization services dropped to about half.

He stated,"All these have as yet unclear consequences, which the easing of the lockdown should hopfully address. However, the downside of easing the restrictions needs to be balanced with a collective determination by all of us, not only to follow with protective and prophylactic advisories, but to support relatives, friends, neighbours and customer to do the same."


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