Even If You Kill Us, We Will Lockdown BiafraLand Says Pro-Biafra Group IPOB

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has said that no measure of terrorizing by the Federal Government of Nigeria will stop its purpose to blacklist exercises on the 30th of May 2019 out of appreciation for its war legends.

IPOB had pronounced a sit-at-home to respect its men who kicked the bucket in the Nigeria-Biafra war from 1967-1970.

The administration through the Police has anyway cautioned the gathering against the arranged activity.

Emma Powerful, the gathering's representative in an announcement on Monday, be that as it may, challenged the military to stop individuals from the gathering.

The announcement understands: "We the unstoppable IPOB family overall wish to remind the Nigerian armed force, police and their teammates inside and without, that dangers, lies, purposeful publicity, deception, captures, torment, illicit detainment, a degenerate complicit legal executive just serve to fortify our determination to reestablish Biafra not reduce it. However, one thing is ensured, the moment of retribution will come when paradise and earth can't contain the fury of the mistreated. On that day each individual or people that ever shared in the oppression of IPOB will pay the consequences for it, them and their families.

"Biafraland is under attack today, with hundreds grabbed regularly by a military that gave in before Boko Haram and are effectively supporting the ethnocentric crusade of annihilation against non-Fulani populaces in the Middle Belt. We have set out to make each forfeit expected to guarantee Biafra is freed consequently we are set up for this influx of the surge against IPOB.

"We are supported by the way that the entire world is considering what IPOB is being compelled to suffer on the grounds that an opportunity will come when the seeker will turn into the chased.

"Biafra recognition day festivity is on Thursday 30th of May and Biafrans must not turn out on that day. It will fill in as a suggestion to the overlords in Nigeria that we Biafrans are joined in our journey to be free from the unfair subjugation called Nigeria.

"IPOB is a taught development that can't relinquish its commitment to the dead. We owe it to our fallen legends and courageous women to respect them in the best customs of IPOB on May 30th. Regardless of what number of troops they send on our roads or what number of individuals they kill or capture, Biafraland will be secured on that game changing day.

"There is nothing this completely bumbling and deceitful Nigerian Government, her police, armed force and other security mechanical assembly can do to stop or risk 30th of May. This extraordinary day mapped out by Biafrans to recall their legends and courageous women who relinquished and set out their valuable lives for this present age to be alive today, will be watched. It is better for Nigeria police and other security organizations to remain inside and regard that day or the soul of those that passed on in the journey for Biafra will pulverize them."

Tread Started by: Christian Uriel On 1:36pm May 27