Fayemi Calls On Emeka To Work With Him

The Governor of Ekiti State, Dr Kayode Fayemi, on Friday waved the olive branch to the People's Democratic Party governorship applicant in the July 14, 2018 decision, Prof Kolapo Olusola, asking him to work with him in structure Ekiti State.

The senator's welcome went ahead the impact points of Supreme Court's rejection of Eleka's intrigue and assertion of Fayemi as the champ of the July 14, 2018, governorship survey.

The advancement prompted broad celebration in Ado Ekiti capital, as news sifted into town that Fayemi succeeded at the Supreme Court.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) had announced Fayemi victor in the race however Eleka moved toward the Election Petition Tribunal, asserting that he won the survey.

Be that as it may, Eleka lost at both the council and request court before continuing to the summit court.

It was a twofold festival at the Government House as Fayemi on Wednesday won the chairmanship of the Nigeria Governor's discussion (NGF).

Fayemi, who just came back to Ekiti from Abuja, said Olusola was a practiced Ekiti individual passing by what he had perused and caught wind of him and that he was prepared to work with him to move Ekiti forward.

"Prof Olusola Eleka is a celebrated Ekiti individual. However, I am not near him, yet from what I have heard and found out about him, he is a cultivated Ekiti man.

"He had served this state as an agent representative and having sought after his case to the Supreme Court, he ought to disregard party. He should come to Ekiti party; that is the place we as a whole have a place, with the goal that we can serve our kin better and in an increasingly gainful manner," he said.

Likewise, Fayemi depicted the two his arrangement as NGF administrator and his court's triumph as sign of beneficial things to want Ekiti and the South West.

Talking further on the decision, the representative stated: "I need to offer brilliance to God for at long last bearing declaration to the way that the race that brought me into office was dependable and that the essential of my gathering was the best at any point led by any gathering ever of country.

"It likewise bear declaration to the way that the supposed white papers which arraigned me was intended for no place yet a rubbish can.

"The Supreme Court said the establishment preliminary courts completed a yeoman's activity by saying the decision in Ekiti was significantly agreeable with the arrangements of the law.

"Give me a chance to thank the Supreme Court for putting an irrevocability to this interminable case since diversion will undoubtedly happen when you have unlimited cases in court."

On his race as NGF director, Fayemi stated: "It was Ekiti that chosen me representative, however being a NGF administrator won't make me to pull back from serving Ekiti.

"You can say Ekiti is in the eye of the tempest, since I was chosen NGF director to serve the country, yet it is extremely unlikely I won't shield my kin in whatever that is coming to states. It isn't impossible that I will contend for Ekiti when things like this occur.

"The NGF is a national job; I am only a first among equivalents," he said.

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