How students move to Canada after the pandemic
How students move to Canada

Previously, hundreds of students from all over the world move to Canada for further studies. Still, things had to change in 2020 because of the coronavirus, which restricted world activities almost the whole year. The coronavirus had affected Canada’s immigration process and has had a significant effect on the world economy. Most countries are working so hard now to regain stability.

Though the Canadian borders have been closed, the government has promised to reopen them to international students; and has mentioned their intention to welcome an estimate of one million students into the country between 2020-2022 to help in further development of the economy and to recover fast from the coronavirus effects.

For a student to get into Canada now, he’s expected to provide some documents, including a valid study permit, Temporary Residence Visa (TRV), Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) post-graduate post-graduate work permit. They later said that any international student entering Canada and studying in any Designated Learning Institution must make a COVID-19 readiness plan; be approved by their province after their 14 days of self-isolation.

The Designated Learning Institution must ensure the following:

  • They must provide the basic needs of their students during the 14 days quarantine
  • Ensure that their students must observe the 14 days of self-isolation on their arrival in Canada
  • Provide information to students on the necessary documents required and information regarding their health before the travel
  • In case any student tests positive, they should make plans on how to take care of them.

Note: If your study program has been suspended or canceled, you cannot be allowed to come into Canada for the time being.

How students move to Canada after the pandemic
International students

Post-graduate students hoping to come into Canada to further their education are advised to stay back in their various countries and take online courses, which the IRCC has provided. They will be notified when they’re eligible to move to Canada, complete their studies, and apply for post-graduate work in Canada; a privilege international students enjoy working in Canada.

How students move to Canada after the pandemic

As an international student hoping to move to Canada to continue your education, you’re required to present some of these documents before you are allowed into Canada.

  1. A latter showing you’ve been accepted to study in any designated learning institution in Canada.
  2. A study permit or proof of eligibility if a study permit is not available due to the pandemic.
  3. Source of fund
  4. Quebec letter of acceptance (For students who applied for schools in Quebec only)

After submitting the study permit, a letter of approval will be issued to the applicant, which he will show to the Canadian Port Of Entry (POE). They will not reject the study permit if they don’t present some documents due to the pandemic. These are the document that is likely to be missing; biometrics, medical examination results, police certificates, and some others.