How to become a lawyer in Canada may be easier than you think, since Canada has expressed its need for skilled laborers to come to the country and handle some of the jobs available, and lawyers have been listed to be among the skilled laborers that Canada will need.

Canada has always looked forward to improving its economy; they’ve created lots of employment opportunities in the country. The demand for professionals is high in Canada, professionals like; doctors, lawyers, engineers, Etc. so immigrating to Canada as a lawyer won’t be difficult since professionals in the field are needed in the country.

In this article, we’ll explain the different pathways available to immigrants who want to immigrate to Canada as a lawyer; and have been asking questions on how to become a lawyer in Canada. The demand for lawyers in Canada has hit a new record in 2021 because of the creation of many new law firms and the need for an increase in the number of immigrants into Canada; they’ll need more lawyer to come and help in guiding and providing legal advice to both immigrants and other clients on matters relating to business and immigration.

As a professional lawyer in Canada, you should provide some legal assistance to clients within and outside the courthouse; by defending your clients and providing them with a guide on business matters and other areas where they’ll need legal advice. You must interpret laws, carry out research on legal issues and help clients draw legal documents.

How To Become a Lawyer In Canada

If you’ve attended a law school in Canada as an international student, it will be easier for you to become a permanent resident in the country; when you return to work in the country to work as a lawyer. Finding a job as a lawyer, in this case, will not be difficult since you’ve educated and taught the Canadian laws, making your chances of getting a career as a lawyer in any law firm easy.

In a case where you studied law in your country and ask if you can become a lawyer in Canada, you should know that your answer is yes. Studying law in your country does not mean you can’t work in Canada as a lawyer; all you need to do is go through the immigration process and know the province where lawyers are most required, just as in other professions, you follow the procedures.

Before considering moving to Canada as a lawyer, you must have obtained at least a Bachelor’s Degree and any other higher education degree; that qualifies you to function anywhere as a lawyer.

One who can work anywhere as a lawyer but wants to move to Canada will apply and sit for a Canadian Bar examination; after which he will obtain a license to work as a lawyer in the country and score a minimum of 7 points in the IELTS test which as an English proficiency test.

How To Become a Lawyer In Canada
The Law

Pathways available to lawyers for Canadian immigration

Every immigrant in Canada has different immigration pathways open to them; that of a lawyer will not be different or limited.

The various pathways open to immigrants in Canada include;


This is the easiest method of entering Canada, with having to go through the stress of searching for other available pathways open to you. The Canadian sponsorship can come in different ways;

  1. The Family sponsorship: This allows a permanent resident in Canada to invite his relative to stay with him in Canada to work and possibly become a permanent resident.
  2. Spousal sponsorship: This one is strictly for couples only. It allows a person to invite his or her spouse to Canada.
  3. Employer’s sponsorship: The government, in a bid to grow the economy, has given rights to employers to bring in immigrants from the globe to come to Canada to work. Though conditions are applied, follow this link to read more on the employer’s sponsorship program.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Every province in Canada has its separate PNP. These Provincial Nominee programs (PNP) PNPs are used to invite candidates directly to a particular region where they’ll need their skill in Canada. Each province of Canada has its own except the Quebec province, which uses a different program because its mode of operation differs from other regions.

Express Entry

This is the most popular immigration program in Canada; it surpasses every other immigration program. The program uses a score-based system ( Comprehensive Ranking System) to rank candidates’ profiles; any candidate who scores above the cut-off mark will be invited to apply for a Canadian visa. Follow this link to read more on Express Entry