The Express Entry is the fastest and most popular immigration pathway in Canada; it’s operated by the Federal government, which brings in Candidates to the country and sends them to the country’s various provinces depending on where they’ll need their services.

The immigration pathways use a score based system known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), the system rank applicants profile based on the information provided by the applicants during the profile creation, and the requirements they meet that qualifies them for a Canadian visa. Some of the requirements that will help give a candidate a good score may include;

  • Educational qualifications
  • Age
  • Work experience
  • Language skills (English or French)

Express Entry is a very competitive pathway; because applicants are entered into a pool, where they will be selected for an invitation to apply for a Canadian visa. There are thousands of people using the Express Entry system, and all the candidates cannot get an invitation to apply, so the Canadian government has set a cut-off mark for them.

How to create a ranking Express Entry profile

Based on the requirements met and the skills acquired, they’ll rank their profile; each requirement has a specific mark, and the age of the applicants has a long way to help the candidate get a good score.

The cut-off mark may differ for people with different skills because the system is only for people with skills and want to work in Canada. Getting the cut-off mark does not guarantee you an invitation since there are lots of people applying for the same pathway, and Canada has several people they’ll bring into the country per year so that the system will choose the candidate with the best CRS score for the invitation.

How to create a ranking Express Entry profile

There are some tips to be considered when creating an Express Entry profile; these tips will help your profile to be highly ranked; they include;

Assessing Your Eligibility

Before applying for Express Entry, you should first ensure you’re eligible for it.

When applying for fill in your correct details, because they’ll use it in scoring you, and the details you fill out will be the details that are expected to be the same as the details you’ll use for your visa if you eventually receive an invitation.

Apply Early

It’s best you create your Express Entry profile as soon as the portal opens; this will help them rank your profile faster and possibly nominate you before applying. Sometimes, the rule of first come works in cases like this, so applying early may land you the opportunity you’re looking for.

Note: Express Entering profile is valid for one year; if your profile expires, you can reapply again if you’ve not been granted ITA

Improve On Your Education

Your educational qualifications will give you a CRS score of 150.

If you have an international certificate, you must ensure;

  • You have complete documents.
  • Your Educational documents are equivalent to a Canadian degree.