How to demonstrate quality to your employer, that you have the quality he’s looking for when applying for a job; depends solely on you. Most of the time, people lose a job opportunity from the beginning when they submit their application because they don’t know the right way to present their ability; since they’re not meeting with the employer face-to-face.

Applying for a job is not difficult

Applying for a job is not difficult; getting a job either; all that matters at the beginning is your mood of the presentation. How you present your application will determine if you can make it to the interview stage or not, knowing many people applied for the same opportunity you seek.

Stage 1

The application stage;

When writing an application letter for a job in an organization, you should know that the way you write means a lot to the reader since you’ve not met with him; and you’re not there to show how good you’re in the field. The first thing to be put into consideration is your letter of application because it’s the first thing of all your documents to be attended to, and it’s the thing that tells them about your intention. Having a good letter of application will enable the employer to go ahead and check the rest document you’ve submitted.

Next should be your CV (Curriculum Vitae), which will stand as a piece of evidence that the position you’re looking for; you’re good at it. Your CV should contain years of experience in the field and the places you’ve worked in the past; if there is any, then you state the qualifications that enabled you to venture into the area. Your CV tells more about you; it tells the employer you’re qualified to work in his organization; these will see you to the interview stage.

Stage 2

The interview stage;

When you receive the invitation for an interview, you then know you’ve passed the first stage; and your application has been accepted. Most people fail here because you face your employers to defend yourself and the documents you’ve given to them.

Have you ever walked to any place for an interview and see the many people who also are there for the same job you aspire; and you become scared knowing your chances are equal. It’s normal to feel that way, but at this point, all you need is courage and self-confidence, expecting the worst and hoping for the best.

At this time, you need to be bold and smart; and be of good conduct. Most times, employers will not take you to the field to display your skills; all they need to see is your level of behavior; to know if they can work with you.

How to demonstrate your quality to the employer

Have you ever walked to any place for an interview and see the many people who also are there for the same job you aspire; and you become scared knowing your chances are equal.
Interview with the employer

These are ways to show your employers that you have the qualifications to work in their organization;

  • Your CV must contain what the employer needs. 
  • Your letter should show that you know what the position.
  • Have a good referee that will say something positive about you.
  • Have a great letter of reference from a previous employer to give to prospective employers.
  • Make sure you have good communication skills, a working contact card, and a good social media presence
  • Have good experience in the field you’re applying for.

Also, having skills gives you a higher chance of getting the job amongst other applicants; having a certificate qualifies you for the job, but having a skill useful in the field you apply to coupled with your certificate will make you stand out among other applicants.