How to get an accommodation in Canada
Get an accommodation in Canada

How to get an accommodation in Canada – Before traveling to Canada, you need to be sure of a place to stay at least for a few days before getting accommodation; or you can arrange for a house. There are hotels, motel, guest houses, and hostels in Canada, where one can pay to use for a while; while surveying the new area and searching for a house to rent.

Before you immigrate to Canada, there are certain documents you need to acquire and some amount of money kept aside to help you secure a place at least for two weeks or more; before you can get permanent accommodation for yourself. It’s necessary to avoid running into hoodlums who will take your belongings, leaving you stranded, and so not to be in a hurry to get an apartment the run into people who’ll scam you because you’re in haste to get a place of your own. It would be best you calmed down, then take your time to look for a suitable apartment for yourself, the one that suits you or the one the money you have can afford.

Some of the documents you may need;

  • Birth certificate
  • Health record
  • Certificates from school and transcript
  • License (Work or Trade)
  • Valid ID (Driver’s license or National ID)

Getting temporary accommodation in Canada may be easier than expected; all you need is to check around on the internet the available lounges in your destination area; inspect the little you can and possibly book one down before leaving your home country. Most hotels now can be booked online before your arrival; it will make you make your immigration easy and peaceful, knowing you won’t need to go through the stress of searching for a place to stay on arrival.

Below is the list of hotels in some areas of Canada;

Atlantic Canada



Prairie Provinces

British Columbia

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How to get an accommodation in Canada

How to get an accommodation in Canada
Accommodation in Canada

There are many accommodation options in Canada; you can take an entire house if you have the money. A house can rent small apartments; you have a bathroom and kitchen in the same room or have a bathroom and kitchen separated from your bedroom and a living room. There are many apartments to rent in Canada; it about the money you have and your taste.

While searching for an apartment, there are things to be considered before giving you a house on rent; these factors are;

  • Your name
  • Your occupation
  • Nationality
  • Next of kin details (in case of necessity)
  • Criminal record
  • Your money