One of the problems faced by temporary and permanent residents when applying for an Express Entry program is the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s online platform (, which could be a challenge candidate wants to use this immigration pathway.

Some challenges faceed by candidates include;

  • How to sign the form
  • How to authenticate or validate the form.

Before the introduction of the online platform, application for immigration was made through email. The box for signature has been in place even as at that period, upon that, most of the immigration applications were submitted through email, and even all applications for permanent resident were all made through email.

Below are some of the application you must submit online

  • eTAs to visit Canada without a visa.
  • Express Entry application for permanent residents.

Applications you can submit online based on preference

  • Temporary Resident Visa
  • A student study permit
  • A student work permit

How To Sign And Validate Your IRCC Form

Some of the forms have a Validate button at the top and bottom. We call these forms “2D barcode forms.”

2D barcode forms help:

  • Fill all the required fields
  • Used to process your application faster

follow these guidelines to finish, sign and present a 2D barcode form: 

Download the form and open it. 

You’ll need Acrobat Reader 10 (or higher). 

Round out the structure. 

In case you’re not sure of the information required, check your application guide. 

Click on the “Validate” button, at the top or lower part of the form. 

You should consistently click on the Validate button on 2D barcode form, regardless of whether you’re submitting your application on the online or via mail. 

How To Sign And Validate Your IRCC Form

In the event that you provided all the needed information, another page with barcode will show up at end of the document.

In case you’re missing any information, the fields you need to fill will indicated in red with a notification of what is absent. 

In the event that a barcode doesn’t show up, search for the reason and how to fix the issue. 

Prepare to submit the form. Only a few applications can be submitted online. See whether you can apply online. If you can apply online;

Try not to print the 2D barcode form. 

Don’t use the “signature field” button at the top of the application. 

Save the form on your device in a place you’ll always remember. 

Upload the form to your account. 

After you upload all the form for your application, click the “Next” button that showed up below your uploaded documents. 

Enter your name and answer a security question 

  • This is your electronic signature.

Steps drawn from the IRCC official website(