How to sponsor your children to Canada
Family sponsorship

How to sponsor your children to Canada has always been an article we want to bring to you, knowing they are minors and can hardly qualify for nomination in the Express Entry program; because they can’t make a good ranking in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

In this article, we’ll tell you how to sponsor your independent children and your spouse to Canada; that of your spouse may be easy but your children’s may be difficult that’s why we’re bringing this article to you.

How to sponsor your children to Canada

Before we commence, it’s necessary to know if you’re eligible to sponsor your kids or your spouse to Canada; below are features that qualify a person for sponsorship.

  • You must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident
  • You must be financially stable
  • Present proof to show you will continue to stay in Canada ( For those not presently in Canada)
  • You must not be dependent (Not receiving any social assistant)
  • You must be above 18 years

As a sponsor, you must be capable of supporting your spouse or children at least in providing the basic human needs (Cloths, food, and shelter) and good healthcare; and as well be able to sign an undertaking for your children and spouse whom you want to sponsor to Canada.

When signing the undertaken, make sure that your children and spouse will not need any financial assistance from the government; if they receive any help, you will pay for whatever help granted to them so long you’re still legally sponsoring them.

The undertaking is binding, and can’t change till it’s due; even when there is a change in your finance. You will take charge of all responsibilities till the sponsorship expires. The undertaking will not change even if;

  • Your financial status change (Negatively)
  • Break-up or when you have relationship problems
  • The person moving out of the province or the country
  • Become a permanent resident or citizen

Requirements from partner or kids

How to sponsor your children to Canada

The person(s) you’re sponsoring must meet the following requirements if they must be sponsored to Canada.

  • You must be legally married or common-law partners
  • The spouse must be above 18 years and have lived together for at least one year
  • Dependent children should be below 18, if above 18 years, you should show proof of disability.

How to sponsor your spouse or children

You will submit two applications to the IRCC, the two applications include the sponsorship application and permanent residence application. How to apply for sponsorship include:

  • Get the application form from the IRCC official website
  • Pay the required fees (processing fee, biometric fee, and permanent resident fee)
  • Send application to the IRCC (Via mail:[email protected])