Immigrate to Canada as a teacher today
Immigrate to Canada as a teacher today

Immigrate to Canada as a teacher today; Lately, the Canadian government has expressed the need for educators in the country; teachers’ demand has been high in recent days, making the government enlist the teaching profession in the National Occupations Classifications list.

Most regions like Ontario, Nova Scotia, Alberta have also shown interest in people in this field, giving special attention to immigrants who applied as teachers; whether at the high school level or college level. This time could be the best to apply if you desire to work in Canada as a teacher; this opportunity is not always available, so grab it with two hands.

You could apply as a teacher via the Express Entry System, but you should know that the time for your application to be processed differs depending on where you currently reside; and your experience in the field.

The Canadian provincial government have their educational system and set out the guidelines for teaching employment in Canada.

Requirements to be noted while applying as a teacher In Canada;

  • It would help if you attained a high level of education
  • Work experience ( One year or more)
  • Language proficiency
  • Current age
  • Adaptability
  • Job offer in Canada
  • A B.Ed

Classification of teachers by the Canadian government

  • Supply Teacher.
  • ELS educator.
  • Science(Biology) Teacher
  • Librarian
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Therapeutic guide
  • Educational Resource Assistant
  • Teacher Helper

Basic steps to take while applying for a Canadian visa as a teacher;

  1. Search for your NOC code 
  2. Pick which area or province you want to move to
  3. Check-in with the local teaching board 
  4. Degree in education
  5. Provincial Teaching documents
  6. Language proficiency (English and French)
  7. Apply as a teacher in any of the provinces
  8. Work reference letter
  9. Apply for ECA (Educational Credential Assessment)