Jobs available for painters in Canada; the Canadian government has made it easy for immigrants with specific trade skills to come to Canada and work and even become permanent occupant of Canada, knowing the importance of their services to the country’s economic growth and otherwise.

Painters and decorators have the same NOC code, which is 7294

Various Canadian provinces have their own Provincial Nominee Program(PNP), enabling immigrants to come directly to any region; this can achieve when your CRS score is high. One can only have a high CRS score, a trade skilled, work experience, and your age. If your score is high, you will be sent an invitation to apply for the nominee program, enabling you to move to Canada to work.

Like a painter or a decorator, many job opportunities are waiting for you in Canada; people often neglect this profession, which demands it to be high.

To immigrate to Canada as a painter or a decorator;

Painters and decorators have the same NOC code, which is 7294; this has to hade them eligible for the different nominee programs created by the Canadian government; to help immigrants with these trade skills gain entrance into Canada work and as well obtain a permanent residence permit. To immigrate as a painter or a decorator, you have to create an express entry profile where you’ll be scored and selected; they will send an invitation to you to enable you to proceed with the application, or you can apply through the Canadian Federal Skilled Trade Program.

Works Available for painters in Canada
Works Available for painters in Canada

Works Available for painters in Canada

Their lots of opportunities in Canada for painters and decorators, and they’re listed below;

  1. Acrylic Painting and Watercolor Instructor Wanted in Toronto
  2. Industrial Painter wanted in Kitimat, BC, Canada 
  3. Royal Muskoka Painting – Full-Time PainterForemanRoyal Muskoka Painting Ontario, Canada
  4. Painter wanted in Oakville, ON, Canada
  5. Digital Matte Painters in Montreal, QC, Canada
  6. Painter need at BELFOR CANADA INC.Ottawa, ON, Canada
  7. Griffin Painting Comox, BC, Canada 
  8. Painter at Student Works Painting – Ottawa Ottawa, ON, Canada 
  9. Paint Prep Technician Kingfisher at Boats – Vernon, BC, Canada 
  10. Full-Time Painter May-September at Student Works Painting Victoria, BC, Canada
  11. Full-time painter at Student Works Painting, Burnaby BC Painter Night Shift Crestline Coach LTD.Saskatoon, SK, Canada

There are many other painting jobs available in Canada today; follow this link to register and start working in Canada as a painter. Source GOOGLE

Requirements to enable you to work as a painter in Canada;

  • Work experience
  • English or French language proficiency
  • Certification, license, or job offer in Canada

These are the three key factors that will qualify you to immigrate to Canada and work as a painter or decorator.