There are many jobs available for women in Canada 2021, following the recent changes in the world where men and women are seen as equal; and not men over women. In recent years, women have started to dominate the labor market; they do jobs that were formerly seen as men’s jobs and are even perfect with it.

Many women now immigrate to Canada to look for jobs; they follow all the procedures and receive whatever pay that comes from the job they’ve undertaken; they’re lots of jobs for women with a particular skill; not necessarily educational qualifications. These days, you find women becoming painters, welders, mechanics, plumbers, barbers and are doing well in the field they’ve ventured.

Most women have to desire to take up these jobs in the former days but were denied the opportunities

Most women have to desire to take up these jobs in the former days but were denied the opportunities due to gender discrimination, which made some of them start agitating for gender equality.

As you may know, university certificates may not give you your dream life, but having a skill, especially one you’re passionate about and good at, will provide you with any life you desire. It will give independence, financially or otherwise; that’s not to say that the university certificates are not useful.

Having a skill together with a certificate from a university is an added advantage, which will give you an edge over other people who have either the skill or the certificate only. One doesn’t need a school certificate to have a skill; it’s what you learn from passion.

In the labor market, a trade skill is regarded as unskilled labor because it’s not under formal education, but it’s training acquired from a body of specialists who are specialized in just one field. Coupled with your passion for a particular skill, you still need to be trained in such a field.

Types of skilled labor;

These are the various sectors they’ve shared skilled laborers into, and it will help you as a woman know the particular sector you wish to go into and understand the opportunities available for you in them. People are scared if women can work in the construction sector because of the nature of work in it, but lately, we see women performing very well.

  • Construction Sector
  • Industrial Sector
  • Motive Power Sector
  • Service Sector

Jobs available for women in Canada – 2021

a trade skill is regarded as unskilled labor because it's not under formal education
Available jobs

Following the labor market, we’ve been able to know the skilled trade labor available for women in Canada; these are jobs that are paying well, but women don’t know that this kind of opportunity is waiting for them out there.

List of available jobs and their average salary in a year;

  1. The licensed practical nurse (Average Annual Salary: $51,055)
  2. HVAC Technician (Average Annual Salary: $54,589)
  3. Home inspector (Average Annual Salary: $71,055)
  4. Respiratory Therapist (Average Annual Salary: $62,556)
  5. Dental Hygienist (Average Annual Salary: $65,325)
  6. Registered Nurse (Average Annual Salary: $61,055)
  7. Welder (Average Annual Salary: $39,975)
  8. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer ($58,169)
  9. Multimedia Designer (Average Annual Salary: $49,715)
  10. Head Chef (Average Annual Salary: $41,925)
  11. Game Designer (Average Annual Salary: $75,000)
  12. Carpenter (Average Annual Salary: $52,474)
  13. Wind Turbine Service Technician (Average Annual Salary: $70,000)
  14. Plumber (Average Annual Salary: $63,323)
  15. Automotive Service Technician (Average Annual Salary: $48,863)
  16. Construction Manager (Average Annual Salary: $88,589)
  17. Makeup Artist (Average Annual Salary: $34,396)

These are jobs women often take up in Canada that pay very well; we drew the average salary statistics from the Canadian salary statistics for 2020.