Some of the Canadian rejected immigration happens not because the applicant did not meet up to the basic standards, but because their understanding of the application process is superficial, to make sure you don’t erode your chances of getting your application refused, you have to watch out for these seemingly ordinary mistakes and to avoid them.

Canada has become one of the best pursued after country in the world, if it’s for the stable economy, vast employment opportunities, standard healthcare services, Canada is accepting thousands of immigrants looking for better life.

Applying for the Canada PR can be very frustrating mostly when you are confused on which documents you are asked to submit, even little mistakes can cause delay or refusal of your application.

By taking immigration instructions carefully, you are sure to avoid issues that stops most immigrants’ application.

Incomplete Or Inconsistent Information On Forms

Immigration application can be intimidating, it is necessary you read and understand what is needed from you when filling the form, you need to pay enough attention to every form, many times same information may be asked in different places.

Ensure to provide stable information on every form, variance such as how you spell your name may may ruin your chances (e.g writing Wilfred Linus on one form and Wilfred A Linus in another form), provide an address with entirely no gaps between dates. Adding your signature in a wrong place or forgetting to include a signature at all may cause the complete application being returned which mistakenly will cause delay.

Correct Size Picture

Little mistake in picture size you will make your application delayed and returned. Your picture size must match to the needed size by CIC. The requested picture size by CIC is usually 35mm wide and 45mm tall with the head image a maximum of 30mm tall.

Mistakes To Avoid When Submitting Your Canada Immigration Application
Mistakes To Avoid When Submitting Your Canada Immigration Application

Miscalculating Point

If you are applying for a Permanent Residency from the, Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, and some Provincial Nominee Programs, you have to be know they work on a points-based system. All applicants needs to meet the least required points to qualify for permanent residency.

Be you submit make sure you understand how to calculate your points, failure to meet minimum required points your application will possibly be refused.

Wrong NOC Code

To be qualified for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, an applicant must have a minimum of one year of full-time paid work experience in one of the 29 qualifying jobs as listed in the National Occupation Classification (NOC), Except he/she has a proper job offer from a Canadian employee.

The would be refused or returned if the visa officer notices mismatch in the applicant’s reference letter and duties listed in the qualifying NOC.

Understanding Your Personal Situation

What commends you as a good Canada Citizen and what can perhaps slow your application process? Immigrant who which to immigrate to Canada all have different traits, size, career, education and background, don’t try to copy someone else, your case might be different.

Maybe you should try to understand the requirements and nature of your application. Knowing your strength and weakness.

Not Getting Professional Help

Some Immigrants mostly apply for immigration programs themselves usually from the wish to save money.

But if your problem is more delicate, you will need the services of a professional, since the whole process may need a lot of paperwork, filling and someone to explain the terminologies therein.

Mailing Application

As for CIC regulations, you are required to mail your application to the proper office for processing. It is good to use registered mail or courier to avoid delays and stop you the chances to track your application make sure it arrives at its destination.

N/B: Nothing in this article comprise legal advice, ensure to get an immigration lawyer if you don’t understand your application process.

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