Moving from Dubai to Canada may be easier than expected.

Dubai is one of the most beautiful countries globally; the country has many immigrants resulting in many cultures in the country having similar features with Canada; why do people want to leave Dubai for Canada?

Canada has attracted more immigrants over the years more than Dubai and has gone the extra mile to set up flexible immigration policies to help immigrants have easy access into Canada; the country is made of people from different tribes and culture, and you can easily find your countryman there making it easy for immigrants to adapt to the new environment. Canada provides employment opportunities for immigrants and citizens within the country; the country is one beautiful, peaceful, and welcoming country globally.

They create milky opportunities for immigrants who wish to live and work in Canada and become permanent residents or citizens in the country if they meet the requirements for it; this shows you open Canada is to accepting immigrants from the globe.

Moving From Dubai to Canada
Moving From Dubai to Canada

Moving From Dubai to Canada

Canada has many immigrant programs that enable immigrants to come to Canada at ease, but when it comes to Dubai, there are more fast-tracking pathways available to candidates moving from Dubai to Canada; depending on your reasons for going to Canada, there are many ways to moving to Canada.

Just as moving from other countries to Canada, there is no difference when moving from Dubai to Canada. If you want to move to Canada to live and work from Dubai, many programs can help you get to Canada; but first, you’ll need to get a job offer from a Canadian employer to help you have a better chance for a nomination. You may need to apply for a work visa to help you work in Canada; below are some of the open pathways when moving from Dubai to Canada;

  • Sponsorships (Family or employer’s sponsorship)
  • Business or investors’ visa
  • Quebec skilled workers’ program
  • Canadian Express Entry
  • Canada Experience Class (CEC)
  • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

If you’re going to Canada to study, you can go with a student visa, which is the most common route for international students going to Canada for undergraduate or postgraduate programs.

Steps to Move from Dubai to Canada

If you must move from Dubai to Canada, you must follow the following steps. The only thing that may keep you from following this procedure is by using the sponsorship programs. The steps involved in going to Canada using the Express Entry are;

  • Create a profile with Express Entry through the IRCC official website.
  • Meet the requirements so that your profile will be highly ranked for nomination.
  • Provide some essential documents like a police report, language proficiency result, and medical report.
  • Get an invitation to apply for a Canadian visa.
  • Apply for a Canadian Visa.
  • Move to Canada.