Each province of Canada has its provincial nominee program (PNP) apart from the Quebec province, which uses a separate mode of operation from other regions of Canada; and to be eligible for either of the PNPs or the Quebec skilled workers program, you must meet their requirements.

New Brunswick, through its PNP, has taken steps to bring in candidates who met their PNP requirements to the region and also bring in applicants of the Express Entry who met the provincial requirement; by having the skills needed in the region and have other required documents that qualify a candidate for immigration.

Applicants with the skills and work experiences need in New Brunswick’s labor market will receive an invitation to apply for a Canadian visa; to move to the New Brunswick province of Canada to work.

New Brunswick Invites All Express Entry Candidates Who Meet Their Labor Market Needs
Canadian Labor Market

Candidates who qualified for nomination will be sent an invitation to apply for the New Brunswick region, not minding if they showed an Expression of Interest; so long you qualified, they’ll send an invitation to you.

An Expression of Interest is an application to live and work in a particular province of Canada by applicants who apply for an Express Entry.

Procedures for nomination by the New Brunswick;

  • Create an Express Entry profile
  • Meet the essential requirements
  • Express your interest in the New Brunswick region

From the report reaching us, the immigration officials in this region will be checking the Express Entry from time to time; to invite candidates who qualified for nomination to invite them to apply for the region to live and get good-paying jobs.

To qualify for nomination, the province expects you to meet specific criteria;

  • Candidates must have an express entry profile.
  • The candidates must reside in the region once they come to Canada
  • The candidates must have a valid work permit to work in the province
  • Candidates’ academic credentials must be comparable with the high school diploma certificate.
  • The candidate must have a language proficiency score of 7CBL
  • Have an occupation at NOC O, A, or B