Ogun State retains Bayo Dayo as PDP chairman

The Ogun State section of the Peoples Democratic Party has spoken on the supposed acquiescence of the executive of the gathering, Bayo Dayo.

The delegate executive of the Ogun State PDP, Samson Bamgbose expressed that Dayo remains the gathering's director and that the gathering stays flawless.

Bamgbose made this case while talking with columnists on Tuesday after the initiation of four new individuals from the state official of the gathering.

The new individuals from the official of the gathering incorporate Olusegun Awoyomi as State Organizing Secretary; Adewunmi Alabi as Women Leader; Nike Ejioye as Deputy Women Leader; and Sunkanmi Oyejide as Publicity Secretary.

There had been reports that Dayo had left his situation because of a supposed misjudging among him and Senator Buruji Kashamu.

He portrayed the report as phony, he further uncovered that the gathering executive had been out of the nation because of wellbeing reasons.

"Architect Bayo Dayo remains the executive of this gathering till tomorrow. He ventured out to America half a month prior for restorative consideration and would be back at any minute."

"He is a vital part of this exco, no shaking. That is a toothless gossip."

"He has never offered any letter of abdication. I conversed with my executive the previous evening (Sunday night). I realize my executive remains my administrator and he would be back any minute."

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