Okorocha Says "Igbo Presidency Doesn't Exist"

Rochas Okorocha, Senator speaking to Imo West has approached individuals from the South-East district of Nigeria to desert any desires for securing Nigeria's top employment later on.

He decided while addressing newsmen not long after he was confirmed as a Senator on Thursday in Abuja.

Okorocha said the turn of intensity won't get toward the South-east since, "Power isn't given, control is taken."

He stated, "The South East can't simply crease their arms and anticipate that power should be given to them since you need control. Power does not go with conclusion a portion of the occasions, it's on issues on the ground.

"Majority rules system is about the general population and the South East alone can't make themselves president. So you can't be discussing Igbo administration, it doesn't exist. We might discuss Nigeria's leader of Igbo extraction yet that relies upon what other geopolitical zones make of the issue.

"For me, what is significant is given power a chance to be given to someone who has something 'upstairs' who can put nourishment on the table of regular man, regardless of religion or where you originate from.

He noticed that the South East needs to patch fences the nation over in other to stay important politically.

Okorocha included: "There is a requirement for the Igbo to repair wall. We are neither here nor there politically. We are not in the decision party or are we having an effect on the resistance. Thus, there is a requirement for us to get hitched to the remainder of the country politically.

"I am here to do things dear to my heart. One of them is: the scaffold interfacing the south-east to other ethnic gatherings is by all accounts defective, coming about because of the legislative issues we have played in the south-east. It will be my pleasure to reconnect this scaffold so the south-east individuals will move along at a similar pace with other geopolitical zones.

"My second mission (at) the National Assembly is to see the likelihood of making free training a reality with the goal that the offspring of the poor can go to class. On the off chance that I accomplish these, I will be happy that I did, as an individual from the senate.

"The third one is, I am worried about the killings and demolition of lives in the northern piece of this nation. Whatever we can do on the floor of the Senate, we will to have the official control this uprising. I will be here and glad to work with my partners."

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