Okorocha slams the media.


Rochas Okorocha, legislative head of Imo state, says the abhorrent he dreaded in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has been frequenting him since he joined the decision All Progressives Congress (APC).

Okorocha had surrendered from the PDP to the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), where he challenged and won the 2011 governorship race.

The active representative had been announced victor of the 2019 senatorial race in Imo west yet the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) pulled back his endorsement of return.

The commission put together its activity with respect to the grumbling of Francis Ibeawuch, the returning officer for the race who said he proclaimed Okorocha under coercion.

Talking at an intelligent session with columnists in Abuja, the representative said he remains a staunch individual from the APC regardless of endeavors to "baffle him out of the gathering".

He denounced Adams Oshimhole, national executive of the APC, and some different pioneers of working with INEC to guarantee he doesn't get his declaration of return as the "appropriately chosen representative".

"The underhanded I dreaded in the PDP has come to pass for me multiple times in the APC. A week ago, I composed a letter to INEC out of the blue myself, advising INEC of their bad behaviors and illicit moves made by INEC to retain my testament on minor claims of pressure which was never established, nor was there any board set up to examine the matter,"Okorocha said.

"In this way, INEC all alone trust the reports of their returning officer without researching the credibility of the examination. In this way, there was no issue of reasonable hearing by any means.

"What is significant here is that INEC does not have the ability to retain the declaration of return having proclaimed the outcome. I trust the INEC director is up to a diversion with the administrator of the APC who is being utilized to disappoint my going to the senate and this is politically persuaded.

"I've given enough time that INEC may address itself and do the needful and issue me my declaration of return yet without much of any result."

Okorocha claimed that Festus Okoye, a national official of INEC, is being utilized as the "ax man" against him.

"Numerous things have happened up until this point and these ought to be of worry to everybody. INEC that influenced the accommodation to the council to have returned mentioning to pull back it on the grounds that the accommodation was safeguarding the presentation by INEC," he said.

"I wonder what they need to do with the declaration, on the off chance that they don't offer it to me, who will they offer it to? Perhaps they will offer it to Festus Okoye on the grounds that he is from my Senatorial zone yet what they are doing is showing INEC as a lying association and that is risky for our vote based system in light of the fact that, as it stands at the present time, the picture of INEC is perverted.

"What it implies is that tomorrow someone can retain the endorsement of anyone since you don't care for his face since you feel that he needs to politically challenge you in future."

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