Peter Obi Says: Amaechi Cannot Speak For The Igbos

The People's Democratic Party (PDP) bad habit presidential competitor Peter Obi has said castigated Rotimi Amaechi, pastor of transportation over remarks ascribed to him on Igbo administration in 2023.

Rotimi Amaechi said the general population must not request the administration opening in 2023 for declining to back the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Nigeria which has three noteworthy ethnic gatherings has not delivered a President of Igbo extractions since 1999.

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He stated: "I don't have a clue what they will do now for casting a ballot against the APC. For declining to help the APC, they can't get together to request the administration space."

Responding, Obi while tending to correspondents yesterday in Port-Harcourt said he was flabbergasted at Amaechi's announcement, who isn't from the Southeast yet is discounting the district from the following presidential race.

As indicated by Peter Obi: "Amaechi isn't from the Southeast, so he can't represent us.

"He isn't in any situation to own such expressions in light of the fact that even he that is in APC; he didn't contribute anything to the achievement of that decision.

"He didn't accomplish anything in his very own state. Those of us from the Southeast who are from the PDP added to the achievement of our gathering.

"For instance, PDP in my state got 95 percent. They (APC) didn't get 25 percent in Rivers State. So he isn't equipped to talk on the Presidency in 2023".

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