Police Arrest & Detain Ademola Adeleke Over "Certificate Forgery"

The police have kept Ademola Adeleke, administrator speaking to Osun west senatorial region.

The congressperson was competitor of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2018 governorship race in Osun state.

In an announcement on Monday, the battle association said Adeleke had regarded a welcome at the power base camp in Abuja before he was kept.

"We alert people in general, discretionary and vote based system network worldwide that the Nigerian Police has captured and confined Senator Ademola Adeleke on old exaggerated charges of declaration and tribute falsification," the announcement read.

"This is after the school central and school specialist have through oaths denied any phony and claimed up to the school tribute issued to Senator Adeleke.

"Representative Adeleke had today regarded police welcome at the power central command, Abuja. He landed at the power home office at 9am and was not taken care of until later this evening when he was educated regarding crisp charges of tribute phony. The recognized Senator was taken to Maitama Police station with plan to charge him tomorrow at an undisclosed Magistrate court."


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