Do you intend to immigrate to Canada as a teacher? If yes, here comes an opportunity for you to get your dream life as a teacher in Canada.

Currently, the Quebec province of Canada has expressed their need for more teachers, following the shortage of teachers in schools in the region; the provincial government has set to bring in more teachers from the globe to the province to fill the vacant spaces in this field. Immigrants who are willing to immigrate to this province will have a chance of becoming permanent residence in a short time on the ground of going as a teacher.

The Quebec province is a French-speaking province in Canada; it has most of its immigration pathways and rules slightly different from other provinces of Canada. The region operates entirely differently from other provinces, especially in the immigration process.

Because the region speaks French, you should have good language proficiency in French; you should have at least 7 points in the French Language Test that you’ll take before applying for immigration to this province.

Quebec Set To Attract Foreign Teachers

Quebec Set To Attract Foreign Teachers
Teacher and students

The minister for education, Jean-Fran├žois Roberge, and the minister for higher education, Danielle McCann, has stated that the Quebec province should bring more teachers to the region, showing the professionals in the field lack in the area and it needs to be filled. The ministers have set up programs that will help bring teachers to the province.

How to bring teachers to Quebec

Quebec has programs set to allow immigrants to come into the province, just like other provinces’ programs; they allow skilled immigrants who have the potentials needed in the province to come to the region to work. However, the programs set-up in Quebec have a slight difference from that of other provinces; as their language differs, some of their operations.

The Quebec selection grid differs from that of the Express Entry, but both use a score-based system in ranking candidates for nomination. For a candidate to immigrate to Quebec using the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, you must have at least 50 points of the selection grid factor.

Factors For Ranking Candidates on the Quebec Selection Grid

  • Educational qualifications
  • Work experience (not less than three years)
  • Age (between 21 to 35
  • Language proficiency in French (but having English won’t be wrong)
  • Having relatives residing in Quebec
  • Prove financial stability ( you can take care of yourself for at least one year)

If you score the cut-off mark and above, they’ll send an invitation to you; inviting you to apply to Quebec province using the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. The application is usually processed within 90 days from the day of your submission.

Note: If you have a skill needed in a region in Canada, you may not need to get a job offer before you can immigrate to the province; so long the skill is in high demand in that province, and you have other requirements for immigration you’ll sure be invited to apply.