Rivers State Governor Announces Free Education In All Public Schools In Rivers State

Rivers State senator, Nyesom Wike, has declared the all out nullification of all types of charges and demands in open essential and optional schools over the state, in an offer to make access to quality instruction.

Representative Wike has additionally coordinated state-possessed essential and optional schools to prevent gathering expenses and demands from understudies and students with quick impact.

He expressed that, from this time forward, the state government would send direct assignments to all essential and auxiliary school the executives for their activities.

The representative talked during a gathering with the heads of essential and optional schools, Rivers State Senior Secondary Schools Board and State Universal Basic Education Board at the Government House, Port Harcourt.

He stated: "From today hereafter, no youngster, either in essential or optional schools should pay charges and requires in any school over the state.

"The monies you gather from these youngsters are simply utilized for your own motivations. On the off chance that I hear that any school head gathers any charges or requires, be they examination, NECO or WAEC expenses, that school head would be endorsed.

"We will not just reject the school head, who gathers charges or requires, we will indict the individual included.

"Government will work out gifts that will be sent to the schools for their customary administration and activities," he expressed.

Representative Wike coordinated the state Ministry of Education, the Rivers State Senior Secondary Schools Board and the State Universal Basic Education Board to screen every single government funded school over the state to guarantee consistence.

The representative noticed that his organization finances the pay rates, stipends, examinations and gear of every single state funded school. He guaranteed guardians that his organization would stay focused on the arrangement of value training, which is available to the less-special.

"I have annulled all expenses and collects and it will never happen again in our open essential and auxiliary schools. No one should gather charges and imposes from the offspring of the less-favored," he said.

The school heads commended the new mandate of the state representative.

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