Spiritual Husband Or Wife (Truth Or Supertition)

Basically we all have our various beliefs and how we project them but during a current conversation with some people. The issue of this 'spiritual relationship' came up.

We discussed that it is a thing of mind and has nothing to do with spiritual bondage of some sort. Untrue as it may sound, some people have actual experience or close relations experience to make this topic still a mystery, Morever, I have come to learn that there several reasons to have come to this conculson of this spiritual marriage.

Some of the confession I have seen are:

1 Seeing of the semen on the body when one wakes up.

2 Terrible ditaste of your real life partner (in cases of husband or wife)

3 Having wedding ceremony, giving birth in dream

4 Looking very attractive but not seemto recieve any proposal from the opposite gender.

All this are just few, and in most cases this spiritual spouses are referred to as JINN in islam.

So my question is do u believe there is such thing or Supertition?

Tread Started by: Neon Emmanuel On 10:03am May 16