The Battle For The Souls Of Takeitback And The African Action Congress

Dear Comrades, in the course of recent weeks, we have seen the traded off Expelled previous National Secretary, Leonard Nzenwa (a political go getter who professes to have transported between the Jonathan Goodluck and the Muhammadu Buhari Campaigns, and who is currently running errands for the PDP/Wike Campaigns of backbiting in Rivers State, similar to the well-repaid Political Jobber he is) collect various abnormal partners who have NEVER been enrolled or duty paying individuals from the TiB or AAC PRETENDING to have comprised a National Executive Committee of the African Action Congress, held a gathering and passed a goals to suspend our Convener and Principal (Omoyele Sowore) and different Officers of the Party.

The scholarly fraud, pervaded with the sort of hopeless and unavoidable political mercantilism he couldn't effectively pitch to the Leadership of the AAC, is currently a political bed-individual in cahoots with Operatives of the PDP, having been enough "empowered" through the plundered republic of the People of the Rivers State individuals. The covetous and chameleon-like manikin is making the destabilization and controlling a couple of our kin in his slippery exertion to realize the decimation of our Movement and Party in submissive bondage to the degenerate political Overlords in Nigeria. Removed AAc Secretary, Leonard Nzenwa

To feature and contextualize the dangerous inclinations and noxious foul play of Leonard Nzenwa and his empowering agents inside and outside the AAC Party, it is enlightening to take insight of the way that, in support of his new PDP Paymasters, the main substantive activity performed by Leonard Nzenwa after his self-absorbed "Takeover" of our Party was to supplant the Legal Representative of the AAC Governorship Candidate in Rivers State (Engineer Awara Biokpomabo Festus) in his lawful tussle at the Elections Tribunal against Governor Wike of the PDP. The Legal Representative Leonard Nzenwa is endeavoring to force on our Candidate is one who is known openly to be thoughtful to our Candidate's adversary. In the event that anybody should think about whether Leonard Nzenwa has any honorable goals for the welfare of AAC, TiB or any of our bona fide individuals and partners, they should ponder no more. In any case, there is more.

Leonard Nzenwa does not control ANY organ of our Party or Movement. He is a fool inside them two. He has neither the clout, the regard, the gravitas, the intrigue, the instrumentalities nor the help of the general enrollment, the Leadership or the Stakeholders. What Nzenwa is doing is tempting a club of saboteurs with guarantees of monetary reward, and where he is repelled, he proceeds to enlist road urchins (totally detached and new to our Party or Movement) to go along with him to make the dream of "Backing" and "Control". Leonard Nzenwa has neither help nor control.

For a model, Leonard Nzenwa as of late reached one of our previous Officials (Fred Achife, who had intentionally surrendered his situation as the Coordinator and Chairman of our FCT Abuja Chapter, beseeching him to go with him to the workplaces of the INEC and present himself as an individual from the phony NEC he is comprising. He was rebuked.

Leonard Nzenwa is as of now hunting wildly down "proof" he could use to exhibit his pertinence or, more regrettable, keep on utilizing to extort our Members and to pressure them into his unholy coalition. He has been seen and heard asking for pictures and different visuals of our Principal's battle occasions crosswise over Nigeria. He is fumbling.

An individual who professes to control a Party and Movement doesn't approach the Party's/Movement's files and reports, is incompetent enough in the methods for present day advancements to just google for such freely accessible materials, and is (rather) falling back on asking, extorting and compromising individuals to assist him with such ordinary assignments. Do you presently comprehend why Leonard Nzenwa couldn't fit into the "Take it Back" family, why he turned into an outsider and why his unique detestable designs to popularize our Movement and adapt our kin, name, and generosity for join in the interest of his Puppet Masters?

Having been enthusiastically tested by our individuals and different partners of AAC and having been repudiated on the quality of our Constitutional arrangements, with an unambiguous letter from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) expressing that the Kangaroo "NEC" and suspension practice we invalid, void and incredible, the Saboteur-in-Chief and Establishment Lackey in the individual of Leonard Nzenwa is presently scrambling to devise different methods for affecting the detestable assignments for which he is being paid by his Political Masters in the hallways of intensity in Nigeria.

Dear Members, We know that Leonard Nzenwa is at present endeavoring to lure a portion of our faithful individuals and a couple of Officers of the Party to go along with him again trying to solid arm and actuate some INEC authorities into helping him in curing the deformities in the fashioned reports and false articulations he submitted and made to INEC and, in this manner, to the Courts in his endeavors to accomplish an antagonistic takeover of our Party and its mechanical assemblies.

We know and we are intently observing these unholy and devious exercises and we are setting up the fundamental and similar reactions to overcome Leonard Nzenwa's terrible, illicit and traitorous exercises.

There is no disclaiming the way that the rise of TiB and AAC on (and our invasion into) the until now unsurprising and "Settled" political scene in Nigeria was troublesome, perplexing and disturbing to the Establishment Political Class of Nigeria. Never in the historical backdrop of Nigeria had a considerable, grassroots-fueled, Movement-driven, awareness jolting political association driven by normal, feeble and detached Nigerians grew up naturally and detonated in numbers and impact so quickly thus emphatically.

You (Able TakeitBackers) made so much troubled mistransmissions and weakening frenzy inside the Political Establishment that the famous "Experts of the Game" needed to scramble willy nilly to invoke the correct recipe and instrumentalities to contain you and the quickly developing political inferno you touched off. That you didn't go to the field utilizing the old, simple and inadequate playbook of the Ruling Class made issues increasingly hard for them, rendering every one of their maneuvers unprofitable and incapable. They never trusted that we were sufficiently suitable to make it to the point of really enlisting such an energetic, ground-breaking and flourishing ideological group, considerably less present contender for the different decisions.

At the point when every one of the bolts coordinated at us neglected to puncture our reinforces, the Ruling Class had no choice yet to fall back on trusting that we will leave and that our energies will disperse after the races. We need not harp on the way that, in their frenzy, they couldn't significantly marshal the vitality to direct anything looking like a trustworthy decision. They needed to turn to debased votes designations after they investigated our quality in numbers and inferred that the dangers of mass revocation of their idiocy would be showed at the surveys. Along these lines, they cooked the numbers, "Respectability" be doomed.

Be that as it may, we went poorly.

• They undermined, threatened, disappointed, extorted and endeavored to generally actuate our Convener and Principal. We Didn't leave.

• They attempted strenuous endeavors, performed tumbling, marked us drifters, and concocted whimsical names and deceit to steamroll and charge us into unholy coalitions and agreements (a standout amongst their most confided in Standard Operating Procedures), trusting that we will be so arrogant as to get controls at any expense. We rebuked them. Furthermore, we wouldn't get along or leave.

• They disparaged our valid, sound and visionary projects and strategies, even as they stole and boldly fused them into theirs. We turned out poorly.

• They sent their generously compensated "Intelligent people" as mouthpieces to assault our manifestoes, even as they discharge awkward and dreadfully copied, reordered bits of waste as manifestoes (envision APC promising to accommodate the "Security of the United States of America"?). We turned out poorly.

• The enrolled the administrations of the lamestream media, denied us meetings and press presentation, up to and including keeping us from partaking in Debates after we satisfied every one of the criteria for consideration? We turned out poorly.

• They investigated the enormous deluge of Diaspora Nigerians into Nigeria to share in the decisions and register their dissatisfaction with the uncouthness and misgovernance, and they hurriedly suspended the races (which had been in the anticipating numerous months) a couple amidst the eve of the races with an end goal to avoid cooperation. We went poorly.

• They chose (through dangers, coerces, savagery, actuation, and out and out brigandage) their "Victors" and continued to debase the course of equity by meddling with the Judiciary and hand-picking and forcing their Electoral Petition Referees to abandonment a plan of action to legitimate difficulties. However, we turned out poorly.

They fizzled. We got more grounded. We turned out poorly. We regrouped and stayed steadfast, morally sound and unbowed. They got scared. They didn't comprehend what propped us up, despite everything they don't have the foggiest idea what props us up.

What's more, presently, as they panted for their final gasps and fumble in irritation, they are drawing out the last practical political unfairness apparatuses in their armories – the small and irrelevant willing teammates and saboteurs they have had the option to strip far from the positions of out a huge number of individuals, supporters, disciples and well-wishers.

Among these few actuated and traded off displeased plants of the Establishment in our positions is the individual of the EXPELLED Former National Secretary o

Tread Started by: Christian Uriel On 2:27pm May 31