Immigration application and be annoying when your application is declined.

It is always advised to obtain the services of a professional immigration lawyer to fasten the application process and to save time and stress, but sadly, immigration fraud is a bad treat for prospective applicants.

Some corrupted lawyer slows down the application process so they can charge you more and repeatedly waste your time and valuable resources.

This post has appropriate questions that needs to be satisfied before you hire an immigration lawyer.

Things You Should Be Aware Of Before Hiring An Immigration Lawyer

1 Qualifications:

They lawyer needs to be a graduate from an esteemed law school and has imposing reputation from the provincial law association. You have to compare the information on the province bar association website.

2 Years of Practice:

In-depth knowledge of Canadian law should have an experience standard in practicing Canadian law, this can make large difference in the lawyer’s ability to represent you.

3 Similar Cases:

It is necessary to know if your lawyer has handled an exclusive case as yours. Asking if your lawyers has handled a case similar to yours is a good step to the right directions.

You might have a case like inadmissibility, make sure he has handled such case before.

4 Billing And Mode Of Payment:

You lawyer should show you in a clear terms an agreement that describes your excepted charge and services you will be rendered.

Also you have to be involved in your application process. No one has to take your language test for you.

Your lawyer to present detailed information on the process of your application so you know what you should expect.

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