Top 20 universities to study nursing in the world
Nursing students

People want to get the best education from the best schools in the world. Nursing is a highly recognized and respected profession globally, following the rising need for medical attention and the out-break of the coronavirus; the world currently needs good nurses who can help meet up with the work that needs to be done by people in this profession.

Nursing is among the best jobs in the world, judging from its importance and its salary rate. In Canada, registered nurses are paid an average salary of about $80,000 per year, while more experienced ones are paid an average of about $90,000 per year. This is among the best salary rate you can get in Canada 2021; this is from the statistics of the best jobs in Canada 2021.

How long will I study to become a nurse?

In most countries, nursing will require about five years of study before one can be qualified to work as a nurse, while in some are for four years; a nursing student in Nigeria will use about five years to study in the university before becoming a nurse. While in some other countries it’s for four years.

Type of Nurse Degree/Path How Many Years of College/Nursing School

CNA Certificate 4 -12 weeks

LPN/LVN Diploma 12 – 18 months

Registered Nurse (RN) Associate’s (ADN) 1.5 – 3 years

Registered Nurse (RN) RN to BSN 1 – 1.5 years

Registered Nurse (RN) BSN/Already have Bachelor’s Degree 1.5 to 2 years

Registered Nurse (RN) Bachelor’s (BSN) 3 – 4 years

Nurse Practioner (NP) Master’s (MSN) 2 – 4 years after BSN

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Top 20 universities to study nursing in the world

Top 20 universities to study nursing in the world
Nursing students

The following institutions are rated the best globally; the rating was based on the efficiency of the students they produce and the way students are being taught while in school. The Universities are;

  1.  Duke University
  2. Georgetown UniversityJohns Hopkins University
  3. Johns Hopkins University
  4. New York University
  5. University of Pennsylvania
  6. University of Michigan
  7. University of California Los Angeles
  8. University of Washington
  9. Emory University
  10. University of Maryland
  11. The University of Illinois in Chicago
  12. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  13. University of Texas (Austin, Texas)
  14. Yale University (New Haven, Connecticut)
  15. Boston College (Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts)
  16. Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio
  17. Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana)
  18. University of Florida (Gainesville, Florida)
  19. Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio)
  20. University of Pittsburgh

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You can apply for any of the above-listed universities; good enough, some of them offer online classes and as well offer post-graduate programs in nursing.