Top 6 LMIA jobs in Canada
LMIA jobs in Canada

There are many top LMIA jobs in Canada, but we’ll show you the top 6 LMIA jobs in Canada in the article. The LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) program is a Canadian program that gives employers the right to seek workers from all over the world to come to Canada. There is no person to do the job in Canada.

The LMIA is a document required of any employer who wishes to employ workers from other countries to carry out a task that no one can handle, or the people did not qualify to carry out such task.

Top 10 LMIA jobs in Canada

1.Truck Drivers

Average salary: $45,825 – $77,903 per year

The major Canadian industries rely majorly on transportation to effectively distribute their products to various locations where they’re needed. Industries like agriculture, minerals and metals, oil and gas, and many others; depend significantly on this sector for efficiency; that’s why they need for workers in this field continues to rise over time.

The government has allowed only employers with the LMIA document to employ workers from different countries to help them carry out this job with a lucrative wage.

2.Farm supervisor

Average Salary: $35,939 – $49,286 per year

The Canadian economy’s agricultural sector is one of the most vital sectors of the economy; it generates huge revenue for the country. It’s constantly in need of workers and farm supervisors. This sector of the economy has created over 2.5 million jobs. It is still in need of more workers to come into the industry because of the role the sector plays to develop its economy.

Top 6 LMIA jobs in Canada
LMIA jobs in Canada

3. Caregiver

Average Salary: $31,955 – $58,000 per year

As the birth rate declines and aging population increases, care givers’ need has risen over the years. The Canadian caregiver program allows immigrants who provide related services to come into the country, either with a permanent visa or temporary visa.

4. Software Engineers

Average Salary: $75,596 – $102,000 per year

Following the fast technological development, Canada needs people in this field; artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and software development.

To live in Canada as a software engineer, you should plan on relocating to British Columbia or Alberta; both regions have enlisted the profession as high in-demand jobs and are accepting immigrants with such skills.

5. Construction Managers

Average Salary: $92,240 – $142,000

Construction jobs are available in some Canadian regions: Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. Construction jobs are much in this region, so construction managers are in-demand in the areas.

As Canada has prepared to provide more accommodation for immigrants coming into the country, construction workers are becoming very important to the country; to help build up houses for incoming immigrants. Both construction workers and managers are in high demand.

6. Oil and Gas Drillers

Average Salary: $67,394 – $103,594 per year

Canada has the fourth-largest oil reserve globally; the oil and gas sector has created plenty of job opportunities for citizens, permanent residents, and foreign workers in the country. Canada has a lot of natural resources and exports energy resources to many other countries.

Oil and gas workers are in high demand in British Columbia and Ontario; if you apply for a job in the oil and gas sector, under the regions named above’ provincial nominee programs, you don’t need a job offer before getting to Canada.