Top countries with 100% free education
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Top countries with 100 percent free education – Many people would love to study abroad and obtain a certificate that bears a foreign university or institution’s name. The major problem facing them is the payments that have to be made while schooling abroad, especially when you’re from a country with a poor economy. Even when you’ve saved a huge amount of money converting it to the currency of the country you’re going to, you discover you’ve done nothing.

Hence, people now look for countries where they can study either in scholarship or free education, where they will have a 100 percent free education.

Imagine being a school where you don’t have to pay for your tuition fee, which will leave you to cater for feeding, accommodation, transport, and other relevant bills. Students usually don’t have plenty of money to spend unless they have a sponsor who will supply them with all their needs at every point, but then the need to be independent will arise. So all students want to have a free education.

There are ways international students can gain sponsorship while studying abroad; they can gain funds from people sponsoring them or working. The government has given students the freedom to work while studying abroad; this is to enable them to support themselves financially and have a working experience while still in school.

Top countries with 100 percent free education

These are the top countries with 100 percent free education, that is, tuition-free.

  1. Universities in Finland: The public universities in Finland are divided into two, which are; regular universities and universities of applied sciences; they are all tuition-free. Though it’s not accessible for everybody, it’s only free for international students from EU/EEA countries and Switzerland.
  2. Students from other countries pay for their tuition fee; the lowest tuition for Bachelor’s and Master’s program is around 1,500 EUR per year, though some institutions pay more than that.
  3. Universities in Germany: Most universities in Germany offer 1005 free education to international students; this applies to all international students coming to Germany from all corners of the world. As a student in Germany, you’re only required to pay an administrative fee of about 400 Euro; the fee may be less than 400 Euro but not more than it. The fee covers transportation to school and lots more.
  4. Universities in Norway: Like Germany, education is 100 percentfree for all students worldwide. They only need to pay a student union fee of about 30 – 60 Euro; this fee covers health, counseling services, sports, and cultural activities. However, you’ll have to pay for your accommodation and other things.
  5. Universities in Sweden: In Sweden, university students don’t pay a dime; the only challenge international student have in Sweden is that the cost of leaving is relatively high; students find it difficult to pay for their accommodation, feeding other related necessary things.