Top In-Demand Jobs In Alberta – 2021

It’s generally believed that Canada’s residents got the best jobs in the world; well, that’s an undeniable truth; because Alberta got you covered. Alberta is among the thirteen provinces of Canada and one of the largest of them. It has many natural resources and many infrastructures that attract immigrants and also provide jobs for them. 

The provincial government of Alberta has a way of creating new job opportunities in the country every year. Immigrants who travel to Canada always find a good job that suits them because the government has created an avenue for skilled and unskilled laborers who come into the country.

Top In-Demand Jobs In Alberta – 2021

You can immigrate to Canada through different visa categories or the Canadian Express Entry System; all you need is a skill, a good work experience, and the qualification and certification required in the province. Working in Canada is easier than you think because the governing body has set programs to ensure that immigrants who come into Alberta have a skill that will enable them to take up the available jobs.

The program is the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)

This program is an economic immigration program that nominates immigrants for permanent residence in Alerta; the immigrants in question must have at least a skill or a qualification that will enable such a person to work in Alberta to start up a business there.

Alberta has provided various streams for individuals in different categories to work in Alberta. These streams were further divided into two for and they include;

Streams for workers:

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream
  • Alberta Express Entry Stream

Streams for entrepreneurs:

  • International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream
  •  Immigration Stream
Some of the jobs available for immigrants in Alberta includes the follow with their National Occupational Classification (NOC) Codes are listed below;NOC Code
Property AdministratorsNOC 1224
Web Designers and DevelopersNOC 2175
University Professors and LecturersNOC 4011
Retail and Wholesale Trade ManagersNOC 0621
Sales and Account Representatives – Wholesale Trade (non-technical)NOC 6411
Retail Sales SupervisorsNOC 6211
Real Estate Agents and SalespersonsNOC 6232
Supervisors, Supply Chain, Tracking and Scheduling Co-ordination OccupationsNOC 1215
Financial Sales RepresentativesNOC 6235
ChefsNOC 6321
BakersNOC 6332
Managers in Natural Resources Production and FishingNOC 0811
Managers in TransportationNOC 0731
Mining EngineersNOC 2143
Food Service SupervisorsNOC 6311
Supervisors, Food, Beverage and Associated ProductsNOC 9213
Air Pilots, Flight Engineers and Flying InstructorsNOC 2271
Engineering Inspectors and Regulatory OfficersNOC 2262
Labourers in Food, Beverage and Associated Products ProcessingNOC 9617
Transport Truck DriversNOC 7511
Construction Millwrights and Industrial MechanicsNOC 7311
Contractors and Supervisors, Mechanic TradesNOC 7301
Machinists and Machining and Tooling InspectorsNOC 7231
Tile settersNOC 7283
Air Transport Ramp AttendantsNOC 7534
Aircraft Mechanics and Aircraft InspectorsNOC 7315
Airline Ticket and Service AgentsNOC 6523
Appliance Servicers and RepairersNOC 7332
Petroleum, Gas and Chemical Process OperatorsNOC 9232
Industrial Butchers and Meat Cutters, Poultry Preparers and Related WorkersNOC 9462
CabinetmakersNOC 7272
GlaziersNOC 7292
Lumber Graders and Other Wood Processing Inspectors and GradersNOC 9436
Machine Operators, Mineral and Metal ProcessingNOC 9411
Pulp Mill Machine OperatorsNOC 9432
Railway Care Men/WomenNOC 7314
Supervisors, Furniture and Fixtures ManufacturingNOC 9224
Supervisors, Other Products Manufacturing and AssemblyNOC 9227
Supervisors, Railway Transport OperationsNOC 7304
Hairstylists and BarbersNOC 6341
Other Administrative Services ManagersNOC 0114
CooksNOC 6322
Professional Occupations in Business Management ConsultingNOC 1122
Legal Administrative AssistantsNOC 1242
Supervisors, Finance and Insurance Office WorkersNOC 1212
Mechanical EngineersNOC 2132
Banking, Credit and Other Investment ManagersNOC 122
Other Managers in Public Administration

There are more jobs waiting for you there in Alberta, all you need to do is to apply for it through either of the means means mentioned above.