Top in-demand trade skill jobs in Canada
Unskilled laborer

Top in-demand trade skill jobs in Canada are plenty, but you have to know if they suit your skill; to be at an advantage. The best way to immigrate to Canada is by having a trade skill, especially when you don’t have a relative that will sponsor you; through the Canadian family visa program. It’s good you get a job offer in Canada before applying for a Canadian visa; this will help you gain the visa faster. Your employers will sponsor you, and you don’t have to undergo the stress of searching for a job when you arrive in Canada.

Canada holds immigrants with trade skills at very high esteem, and immigrants’ skill is the primary factor to be considered; when processing an immigrant’s application. Knowing the importance of immigrants with a trade skill, Canada has opened pathways to allow immigrants from the globe to come into Canada to handle in-demand trade skill jobs in Canada; and become permanent residents or citizens of Canada.

Who is a skilled trader?

Top in-demand trade skill jobs in Canada
Trade skill labor

A skilled trader is a person who has undergone specific training on how to handle jobs related to a particular occupation and has obtained a certificate to show that he can work in that area. The training process may not necessarily involve school (formal education). They’re usually independent since they work with their hands to make money; they may not need an employer to offer them a job. In the labor market, they’re referred to as unskilled laborers.

There are many immigrants out there hoping to travel to Canada, so if you have a skill and a job offer, it’s an added advantage since Canada is looking for people with skills like yours to come and work.

As an immigrant with a trade skill hoping to relocate to Canada, there are many open pathways by which you can travel to Canada. Follow the link to see some available Canadian immigration programs for you.

Top in-demand trade skill jobs in Canada

In Canada, they’re looking for immigrants who’ll work in the following fields;

  • Construction Manager -: Average wage per hour: $40
  • Power Line Technician -: Average wage per hour: $38.46
  • Oil and Gas Driller -: Average wage per hour: $38
  • Pipefitter -: Average wage per hour: $36
  • Industrial Electrician -: Average wage per hour: $33.19
  • HVAC Mechanic -: Average wage per hour: $31.75
  • Residential or Commercial Electrician -: Average wage per hour: $32
  • Plumber -: Average wage per hour: $30
  • Civil Engineering Technician -: Average wage per hour: $28.50
  • Carpenter -: Average wage per hour: $25
  • Welder -: Average wage per hour: $25
  • Automotive Mechanic -: Average wage per hour: $24
  • Heavy-duty mechanics:- Average wage per hour: $36

To apply for jobs available to trade skill laborers in Canada at the time of this post click here.