Tricycle man disappears after child's naming ceremony

The group of Oluwadamilare Shittu, a tricycle rider has communicated dread after he vanished from home.

A report into the occurrence has it that the 30-year-old went out on Ereko Street, in the Fadeyi territory of Lagos State, for work around 6.30am on April 30.

It was accounted for that the family started to detect peril after a lady he normally took to work came to ask after him the following day.

The issue was accounted for at the Onipanu Police Station by his better half, Adedoyin, a further report has it that his tricycle was found 10 days after the fact without any him.

"My significant other is a tricycle rider and he employs Sabo, Yaba, and Oyingbo zones. We had the naming of our second tyke on Sunday, April 28. On Tuesday, he left for work yet did not return home. He normally leaves home promptly in the first part of the day on account of a female client he takes to her work environment."

"The following day, the lady came to ask after him. She said she had not seen him and was pondering what the issue was. We quickly detailed at the Onipanu Police Station."

"His tricycle was recouped on Friday, May 10, on Alhaji Kappo Street; however he was mysteriously gone. He is nice and does not battle individuals."

A source near the family while talking expressed that the injured individual probably won't be discovered alive.

He expressed that following his vanishing, young people living on two avenues in the region had occupied with a free-for-all.

The source expressed that it was a couple of days after the battle that Oluwadamilare's tricycle was recuperated.

He stated, "Oluwadamilare was some time ago living at Makoko, yet when he got hitched, he moved to Fadeyi."

"Three days before he disappeared, there was a battle in the area. At whatever point there is a battle like that in Fadeyi, guiltless inhabitants, including outsiders, are assaulted. Days after such battles, individuals are focused for living on adversary lanes and killed."

"We got data that a tricycle rider was assaulted. The tricycle was later followed to the road where the punks conflicted. The police did not capture anyone for addressing at the scene. We have gone to check funeral homes around, yet we didn't discover him. The tricycle is still at the police headquarters."

Tread Started by: Christian Uriel On 6:36pm May 15