Update on the Canadian student visa
Canadian Government

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Canadian government has restricted the movement of people coming and out of Canada; this is to control the spread of the disease. Though with the finding of the coronavirus vaccine, the restrictions are gradually being lifted while setting precautionary measures to ensure that travelers are appropriately checked to prevent the further spread of the virus; and to ensure that people coming into the country keep to these new rules and they are to be isolated to two weeks be make sure they don’t have the disease.

After much combat with the coronavirus, the Canadian government has announced the update on the Canadian students’ visa; students can start enrolling for Canadian online schools from their home countries to assure that they’ll be entitled to the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). In the past years, before the virus outbreak, Canadian online students are now given the privilege of the PGWP; but now they’ll be allowed to enjoy the same benefit traditional students enjoy after graduation.

This will now allow international students who want to work in Canada after studies but didn’t get the chance of going to Canada, though they studied online; they can now move to Canada after they complete their online studies to work with the PGWP. This study will take the same duration the course studied took; if the course of study were for three years, the international student would be allowed to work in Canada for three years before returning to his home country.

Update on the Canadian student visa

Update on the Canadian student visa

Update on the Canadian student visa
College students working in class.
  • Students who registered for an online study in a designated learning institution in Canada and completed 50% from their home country will be eligible for the postgraduate work permit.
  • The undertaken course must exceed one year for a student to benefit from this program.
  • Only students who registered with a designated learning institution can benefit from this program.
  • The student must obtain a study permit before applying for this program.

Importance of the Postgraduate work Permit

  • It provides students with Canadian work experience, which is necessary when applying for a permanent residence
  • It will give the Canadian labor market qualified, skilled workers
  • It helps to improve the Canadian economy

Students in this Category will be notified when they’re due to travel to Canada to complete their studies and enjoy the benefit of studying in Canada.